June 29, 2022

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A thankful nation: MCGI to celebrate Second Quarter Special Thanksgiving

Title of the Article - A thankful nation: MCGI to celebrate Second Quarter International Thanksgiving

Preparations are underway as the Members Church of God International (MCGI) gears up for the Second Quarter Special Thanksgiving of God’s People on July 13, 2022.

While the majority of the brethren will still gather through online means, numerous MCGI coordinating centers will be open for the event. As several places around the globe have eased up on their Covid-19 restrictions, the brethren in those areas can now finally congregate face-to-face while still following the health protocols imposed.

God willing, the MCGI brethren and their children are set to offer songs of praise glorifying and thanking the Almighty. Special biblical topics will also be discussed by Brother Daniel Razon, MCGI Servant, during the much-awaited three-day event.

Another quarter has gone by since MCGI celebrated the first of this year’s quarterly Special Thanksgiving and the congregation remains consistently thankful for God’s love, mercy and guidance.

MCGI Glorious Thanksgiving logo invitation for July 1, 2 and 3, 2022

Good Works Abounds

For the second quarter of 2022, brethren from across nations untiringly exert efforts to reach more people in need, especially now that restrictions from the global pandemic are slowly relaxed. Although with difficulties, the MCGI Cares charity works continue to be of help to a lot of people—proving that good works for the glory of God cannot be hindered.

The MCGI Feeding Program, Free Store, Wish-granting program and Free Potable Water project continue to serve more and more individuals and communities, including far-flung areas. 

Aside from these, the MCGI Project Smile is a new addition to the MCGI Cares charitable activities. This project aims to bring back the sweet smiles and the confidence in the faces of the elderly who have lost their teeth, by providing them with a new set of dentures.

Evangelization Effort Continues 

Teaching the Gospel of Christ to all nations still remains a priority of the Church. The MCGI Mass Indoctrination, an in-depth study of the doctrines of Christ, is regularly conducted every month. Question-and-answer videos from MCGI Bible Expositions and discussions from Bible Studies are also uploaded on a regular basis in the MCGI Channel on YouTube. Furthermore, the Ang Dating Daan program streams day and night on the same channel.

Meanwhile, the MCGI Cares Live, a television and online program, also offers Bible-focused segments that promote kindness and compassion, and the word of God, to the viewers.

These relentless efforts to spread the word of God have resulted in the conversion of many souls who are now zealously serving the Lord. The growing number of new brethren, majority of them came from Philippine sitios, have led to the opening of more MCGI local chapters in the country.

Brotherhood in Harmony

One of the best antidotes for a troubled and despairing heart is a song that can uplift one’s spirit. Consistently, brethren from all over the world console each other through a segment in Serbisyong Kapatiran (Brotherly Service) called Harana sa Kapatiran (Serenade to the Brethren).

The Harana sa Kapatiran segment underscores the importance of reminding each other of God’s teachings and comforting one another through spiritual songs.

Songs frequently featured in the segment are adaptations penned by Brother Eli Soriano such as “Sa Aking Puso” and “May Larawan”, lyrics of which reflect his faith and are great reminders that offer solace to the brethren.

A sister singing during MCGI Serbisyong Kapatiran segment Harana sa Kapatiran

Brother Daniel, the host of the program, is thankful to God that this has become one of the ways to remind the brotherhood about the importance of working together and being there for each other in faith, hope and love.

In times when the brethren are beleaguered by problems, or illnesses perhaps, the MCGI congregation sees to it that, with God’s help, no brother or sister in faith will be left unattended.

A sister poses with Brother Daniel Razon

Strengthening the faith with love

Love is a very important teaching to the Church of God. This quarter, this teaching is magnified through biblical topics discussed by Brother Daniel in regular Church gatherings.

The greatest of all virtues and the quality that a Christian must possess is what Christ mentioned in John 13:35: “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to  another.” 

Through God’s help and mercy, the MCGI brethren happily continue their service unto the Lord with love.

These are a great deal of reasons why the congregation remains thankful and grateful to the Lord Almighty, but there are countless other reasons to thank Him in this quarter alone.

With merry hearts, the MCGI brethren invite everyone to join the three-day Special Thanksgiving to God on July 1–3, 2022. The event starts daily at 5 p.m., Philippine Time.

To know more about the gatherings and events of the Members Church of God International, visit the About Us page. You may also conveniently get regular updates through MCGI’s official social media accounts and channels here.

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