Church Ministries


We at Members Church of God International have many ministries. We share one goal: spread God’s words.


We are service-oriented. We help families and communities around the world. Our members work faithfully to serve you, our fellow men, and God above all.



This Ministry aims to preach the Gospel. It serves those who desire to learn God’s words.

Our Elders are sent around the world to seed the Gospel. They help the Church in all kinds of propagation services.


The Broadcast Ministry works to bring the word of God to you through technology. It produces propagation materials in many forms.


This Ministry is the Church’s hand in bringing the Gospel to the world.


The Foreign Ministry is the Church’s ambassador. It looks after the needs of the Church’s global community.


Our people here work hard to build and keep locales around the world. They also give charity services. They provide socio-civic groups with volunteers.


The Prison Ministry aims to reach people behind bars. Our friends in the Ministry set Bible studies and give aid to prisons.


This Ministry helps inmates achieve spiritual peace and freedom.


The Youth Ministry is composed of members at their prime. The youth comprise the largest group in the Church.


Our young members are grouped based on skills and interests. This Ministry is a big source of workforce for the Church.

Flock of Lambs (Kawan ng Cordero)

The children in the Church compose the Flock of Lambs.


The Flock of Lambs are taught God’s teachings at an early age. This is based on the teaching in the Book of Proverbs.


Children learn Bible stories and Christian values through weekly classes. This group has an award-winning program on Philippine TV.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry leads in the singing of hymns during gatherings. The Christian Theater Group uses their stage skills to glorify God.

We believe that music brings people closer to the Lord.

Servants’ Ministry

The Servants’ Ministry help preach God’s words. They also give spiritual advice to both members and non-members.


Our Church servants are sent worldwide. They learn the country’s language to share Christ’s doctrines.