Church Doctrines

The Members Church of God International (MCGI) adheres to its faith and principle that all its doctrines must come solely from the Lord Jesus Christ.


An indoctrination is an intensive study of Christian doctrines that come directly from the Bible. An aspiring member must complete all indoctrination sessions to be eligible for baptism and officially become a part of the Church.


Through the indoctrination sessions, an aspiring member will learn God’s fundamental commandments preached by our Lord Jesus Christ and His apostles. The aspirant will also be oriented about the Christian way of living being strictly followed inside the congregation.

The idea of God’s words being preached first to a person before receiving baptism stems from the biblical principle that faith comes from hearing the words of God (Rom 10:17).


Aspirants who wholeheartedly believe and willingly submit to all the Christian doctrines that they heard during the indoctrination sessions can undergo baptism, the spiritual event that marks a person’s official membership to the Church and the start of their service to God.

To inquire about Indoctrination session schedules and other related concerns, you may send an email to or leave your message here.