November 23, 2021

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Ang Dating Daan Turns 41: Still With Faith, Hope and Love

Ang Dating Daan (ADD) or The Old Path (TOP) is celebrating 41 years in the broadcast industry this 2021 with “Continuing the Legacy Through Good Works with Faith, Hope and Love” as its theme. Coinciding with the 38th year in service to God of Brother Daniel Razon, co-host of the program, the anniversary celebration is set on November 28, 2021, God willing.

Popularly known in the Philippines as ADD, Ang Dating Daan is the official religious program of the Members Church of God International (MCGI). Currently, it airs on radio, television and various social media and streaming platforms.

Besides tackling controversial issues, the program has earned the admiration of thousands of its viewers because of Brother Eli Soriano’s Bible-based and straightforward manner of answering questions in its live and unscripted Q-and-A format.

A Short Tour in History

The program’s name ‘Ang Dating Daan’ was derived from the Bible verse Jeremiah 6:16, which reads: “Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls…”

In an effort to reach more people and bring the Gospel of Christ closer to the masses, Brother Eli decided to bring Bible studies in the airwaves. His nightly town meetings (pulong) in Pampanga during the 70s was turned into a 30-minute radio program in 1980, the birth of ‘Ang Dating Daan’.

Four years after the program was heard over the radio, another opportunity to broadcast the Gospel came via television. The program’s listeners increased in time, especially when it went online; the number of those who attended Bible Studies and Bible Expositions has diversified as well, as more non-Filipinos worldwide discover the strong point of the program.

Today, Ang Dating Daan has counterparts in several languages: The Old Path (TOP) in English, El Camino Antiguo (ECA) in Spanish, O Caminho Antigo (OCA) in Portuguese, and 11 others. (See complete list here.)

Ang Dating Daan and the “Basa!” Phenomenon

“Basa!”, the popular tagline which means “read” in English, became a household term that many Filipinos associate with Ang Dating Daan host, Brother Eli Soriano. He used the term “Basa!” as an invitation to the people to read with him verses from the Holy Scriptures.

Its influence became evident in the media and became a pop culture item especially for Filipinos. Through a consistent reading of Bible verses, inquirers learn that reading is an indispensable part of their quest for truth.

Bible Exposition: Answers Straight from the Bible

The Bible Exposition serves as a platform for truth seekers to ask questions about faith and religion. While there were doubts that the questions in the program were planted, the live format and the open invitation to the public disprove such suspicion.

The Bible Exposition is one of Brother Daniel Razon’s ideas to get people curious and engaged in learning the mysteries of the Bible. Its aim is to directly address people’s doubts and queries about the Holy Scriptures. Each time, Brother Eli never failed to erase doubts in the minds of his listeners through the answers he gave which were all supported by verses from the Bible.

This question and answer format has also become a much awaited part of the Ang Dating Daan program; in fact, even celebrities and well-known public figures have tried asking questions to Brother Eli.

The popularity of Ang Dating Daan has made many people think that it is the name of the religious organization that Brother Eli Soriano led. But as stated, Ang Dating Daan is only the title of the radio and television, and now on the internet, program produced by the Members Church of God International, a Christian religious organization previously served by Brother Eli and now by Brother Daniel.

On scheduled dates, MCGI holds Mass Indoctrination, an activity which aims to outline and teach the fundamental doctrines of Christ written in the Bible. Recently, because of the ongoing pandemic, this activity is done via online platforms. 

To date, the Ang Dating Daan program has yielded many converts to MCGI.

Good Works Through the Years

Aside from propagating the words of God in the Bible and being a go-to place of inquiry about faith, the Ang Dating Daan program has also been a platform of good works and a promoter of proper Christian-living.

Through the years, it has maintained its charitable endeavors done with faith, hope and love, such as:

  • Free Diagnostic Services
  • Free Bibles
  • Assistance to Persons with Disabilities
  • Free Education
  • Charitable Homes for the Children and Elderlies
  • Mass Blood Donation Drives
  • Free Rides
  • Medical Missions
  • Feeding Programs
  • Other volunteer works

“This love is not of us. It comes from our faith in our God who told us to love all people and to do all good to all people in every opportunity we have. (Gal. 6:10)” 

Brother Eli Soriano

With God’s help and mercy, Ang Dating Daan, in celebration of its 41st anniversary, will be conducting a livelihood project. Food carts, tricycles, motorcycles and a provision shop will be provided to chosen beneficiaries.

This year witnessed the 41st year of the Ang Dating Daan program. MCGI is, as always, immensely thankful to God for being an instrument of the Almighty to help people, be it in their spiritual or material needs.

You may watch the ADD Anniversary special broadcast on UNTV UHF Channel 37 with a live simulcast on and at 5:30 p.m. Philippine Time on November 28, 2021.

Thanks be to God and to God be the glory forever!


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