May 17, 2010


Bro. Eli Soriano Appeals Prayers for Philippines’ New Leads

The MCGI Presiding Minister in silence while preparing for a scheduled broadcast of The Old Path program.

A leader hopes for the best.

This is the impression that MCGI Presiding Minister Bro. Eli Soriano made in his afternoon sermon during Thanksgiving ceremonies last Saturday (May 15).

Bro. Soriano called out to his countrymen to pray for the new elected officials. Citing I Timothy 2: 1-3, he relates, “Whoever wins, let us pray for them, so that we may live peacefully.”

With the news of Noynoy Aquino’s stint to become the 15th Philippine president, Bro. Soriano hopes that “he [referring to Noynoy] understands that his win was not prompted by religious endorsement, but it is a clear decision of the people. Noynoy leads by a clean and legal vote.”

This after speculations that Aquino won by popular religious bloc voting, which he [Bro. Soriano] thinks as misleading. News reports supporting this indicate that certain religious bloc votes failed to deliver their endorsed candidates to national office, including the blessing made for the incumbent administration’s standard-bearer.

Religious bloc vote has been sought for by politicians aiming to hold an elective post in the government. This political strategy had been used for decades, especially during national elections where competition is at its strongest.

Meanwhile, Bro. Soriano reiterated his bid over Twitter for the new officials to “rule the country with justice and integrity.”

(Written by: Cecile Vizcaya)

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