April 8, 2020

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Bro. Eli Soriano: In the Eyes of the Faithful

April 7 is a very special day for the Members Church of God International (MCGI) as it marks Bro. Eli Soriano’s 56th year of service to God and humanity. In celebration of Bro. Eli’s 56th Sabbath anniversary, MCGI.org fondly shares with you these heartwarming testimonies and anecdotes of our brethren, and their thoughtful and loving messages for a faithful servant of God who has dedicated his life to carry on the task of preaching the good news of salvation in these times.

Simple and Sincere

In her handwritten message, Sis. Zeny Sakiguchi shares her emotional and memorable encounter with Bro. Eli Soriano when she represented MCGI-Japan during the February 2019 Mission Thessalonica in Brazil. She recalls how thoughtful Bro. Eli is, always thinking of ways to serve others. During her brief stay in the country, she saw how Bro. Eli made sure they had a comfortable place to sleep in and were well-fed, not only with delicious meals but also with teachings and life’s lessons.“I witnessed his way of life. We enjoyed our meals with him, and we even shared stories. I saw how he dressed — very simple, not extravagant. My companions and I felt his sincerity in the way he spoke to and treated us. I am blessed to be called in this Church. Thanks be to God for a preacher like Bro. Eli. I wish him a very happy Sabbath celebration!”

One who Cares about the Salvation of Others

With glowing pride, Bro. Emmanuel Defensor of Italy says that Bro. Eli is the only preacher in this generation who teaches the whole Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and God Almighty. “All other religions preach for the sake of money and fame. They don’t care for the salvation of people, or how to help others turn away from their wrongdoings.”Bro. Emmanuel had a blessed opportunity to meet Bro. Eli in person during the April 2018 International Thanksgiving of God’s People. With God’s mercy, he says he will continue to support Bro. Eli in his mission.“Happy Sabbath anniversary to the most sensible preacher in our time! May God give you good health always. I pray that more people will hear your preaching!”

A Genuine Soul

Whenever Bro. Eli’s Sabbath anniversary nears, Bro. Eleazar Cordova of Melbourne reminisces his first encounter with Bro. Eli in December 2000. He had the opportunity to ask the preacher a question on his show that was aired via SBN 21 at that time. He couldn’t explain why he felt like crying then.“He’s an extraordinary person. The quality of his character is different. He’s easy and comfortable to deal with. When I saw him laugh, I felt good because I found his laughter so genuine. I sensed no hypocrisy.”

Gifted with a Big Heart

“I’ve never seen a humble man like him,” Bro. Hellianer Carreon says. “He’s consistently doing good deeds for people, not just in his own country, but also in other nations.”The Kapampangan lad finds Bro. Eli inspiring. “He has a big heart and helps with so much dedication, ready to spend his whole life in spreading the word of God for the salvation of mankind.”“I thank God for giving us a true preacher like you, Bro. Eli! I pray to God that He’ll give you more strength and blessings. Happy 56th year of service to God and humanity. I love you so much, Bro. Eli!”

A Defender of Truth

Sis. Nica Jane Nival, a Kawan ng Cordero ministry worker and a member of the Church since March 2009, feels fortunate to have met a preacher who cares not only about people’s salvation but his brethren’s needs.“Bro. Eli is not after money. He loves us more than himself, a humble man who’s ready to help anyone. I witnessed his love for others, especially through free public services for people. He’s prepared to be disadvantaged, suffer, and experience loss for the sake of others.”In awe, Sis. Nica recounts how she discovered Bro. Eli as the only preacher in the world today who encourages people to ask questions about the Scriptures. “Bro. Eli is a person who defends the truth in the Bible. He firmly believes in it and preaches it to the world as best as he can with God’s help. Nobody else does it but him,” she emphasizes.“You’re truly a man of God, Bro. Eli. Thanks be to God for your 56 years in service! May God continue to keep you safe and give you strength always. I love you, Bro. Eli! You will always be in my prayers!”

Teaching by All Means

Bro. Francis Penafuerte of Canada shares how one can learn a lot from Bro. Eli just by seeing him walk, talk, and mingle with the people around him. “It feels as if there is a force that will make you stay with him,” he adds.“Bro. Eli, happy Sabbath to you! With the help of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, may you reach more places to preach. May His words be sown in people’s hearts so that those can be transformed into good deeds for His glory. May the good Lord be with you always.”

Gentle and Humble

Sis. Anne Scherade “Siyer” Yambao, a member of 22 years now and is presently based in Malaysia, lovingly describes Bro. Eli as one tireless and humble preacher. She recalls approaching and telling him that she had just celebrated her Sabbath anniversary. Bro. Eli looked at her gently, smiled, and gave a thumbs up. “Since then, I’ve always treasured those few moments of meeting Bro. Eli,” Sis. Siyer lovingly recalls.“I pray to God that He gives Bro. Eli more strength and guidance. I hope he lives longer with comfort so he could reach out to people who need to hear God’s words. Happy Sabbath Anniversary, Bro Eli! May God keep you safe always! Thanks be to God for someone like you!

Cool and Witty

When Sis. Marie Peneranda’s sister first told her about Bro. Eli Soriano back in 1998, she was instantly captivated. Not soon after, she decided to listen to him through the religious program Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path).In 1999, Bro. Eli happened to be in Pacita, San Pedro, Laguna where Sis. Marie first met him in person. It was at this event that she first heard Bro. Eli pray, and her eyes welled up during that prayer.Sis. Marie says she is inspired by Bro. Eli’s dedication to serve God, and she does so by continuing to perform her duties in the Church. She also admires Bro. Eli for his humble but busy life preaching the words of God. “He is very meek despite his being knowledgeable on the many aspects of life,” she adds. Before Bro. Eli left the Philippines in 2005, Sis. Marie got the chance to speak to him. “I think Bro. Eli is the coolest person I know. He is smart, witty, and candid. He has this wisdom that I’ve never seen in most people. He is very humble. I was able to quickly feel that he is a man of God,” she adds.

A Ready Help

Sis. Ludimilla met Bro. Eli when her parents became members in the Church of God. She grew up learning from him God’s words .“I will always be grateful to God for Bro. Eli because he preaches what is in the Bible. I admire him because he’s always ready and willing to help the people who are in need.”Now at 16, Sis. Ludimilla spends her youth glorifying God, as she heard Bro. Eli encourage the youth to serve God with all their might. “I am forever thankful to God for Bro. Eli because he is a true preacher sent by God. Happy 56th year in service Bro Eli!

An Inspiration

Sis. Charlotte Rabina of Florida, USA, has been inspired by Bro. Eli’s life.“Just thinking about Bro. Eli gives me strength and perseverance to continue doing good daily, no matter what the circumstances are. His voice is music to my ears. Whenever I hear him speak, he makes me feel loved and forgiven. He is the most sensible and honest preacher in our time, truly a preacher of God.”As a mother of four, Sis. Charlotte strives to raise her family according to the teachings of God, through the preachings of Bro. Eli.“Brother Eli’s preachings brought my family and I closer to God Almighty. He is an inspiration to all who want to follow the Holy Scriptures. Thanks be to God for keeping him in our midst.”


Whenever Bro. Efren Gatdula thinks of Bro. Eli Soriano, he is immediately reminded of how blessed he is, being able to know someone like Bro. Eli in the midst of many false prophets.“Bro Eli is the one true God-sent messenger who was given wisdom from above. He is the only person who correctly criticizes the wrongdoings of other religions. Thanks be to God and to the Lord Jesus!”


Sis. Elisa Dallo of Pennsylvania believes there is really no other preacher in this time like Bro. Eli.“Bro. Eli is not like any other. He is very selfless. He never prioritizes himself over the needs of the brethren. He works hard on charities and organizations to help people in need, regardless of their religion. He is honest and faithful in performing his obligation to profess the truth.” Sis. Elisa is aware of all the misconceptions and false information spread about Bro. Eli, as she is active in social media. However, she is one of many who witnessed the truth, and is determined to defend his innocence. “I am a living witness to all his toil and humility,” she says. “Bro. Eli will risk everything just to preach the truth. Some people respond with hostility and reproach, but with the help of God, Bro. Eli never cowers.” For Sis. Elisa, Bro. Eli is a sincere man who would do anything for the truth of God, not for personal gain, but for the salvation of his fellow men. “Bro. Eli is totally different from other preachers. I am forever grateful to God for Bro Eli. May God bless him always,” she adds.

Goes out of his way to Serve

Sis. Angeline Lacdao of Maryland, USA grew up hearing Brother Eli’s voice. “I remember a distinct but familiar feeling of being at home. I disliked him at first because Bro. Eli became the subject of debates and intense disagreements in the house. But ever since I started attending gatherings, I felt at home again.”Sis. Angeline confessed that seeing Bro. Eli feels like he is a grandfather she never had. “Even now I see Bro. Eli as the caring and selfless person I always think of when I hear the word ‘grandfather.’ One does not have to be a scholar to see that Bro. Eli is selfless. A simple question from him like ‘Have you eaten?’ tells that brethren are cared for.” Though she has not met Bro. Eli in person, Sis. Angeline sees all these qualities that she admires most through the testimonies of brethren who have seen him.


Bro. Orlando Bacalso first met Bro. Eli during the Special Thanksgiving of God’s People in April 2017, after years of failed attempts for leaves, cancelled flights, and many other hindrances.Love and joy overflowed in his heart which made him cry. “I was observing him and I could see how tired he was. He’s older now, but I could still see how dedicated he is to preach the words of God to his fellow men.”Bro. Orlando gives thanks to God for giving a faithful preacher in our midst. “Happy 56th Sabbath Celebration, Bro Eli. May God keep you and your loved ones, and may He add more years to your life. I love you so much. Thanks be to God!”

Sweet and Gracious

It was during a two-day quarterly thanksgiving that Sis. May Mendoza met Bro. Eli for the first time. She was eight years old then, but she vividly remembers that thanksgiving day in Apalit, Pampanga, as Bro. Eli walked past the lines of brethren who were in tears as he serenaded them with a song.In 2014, Bro. Eli invited the brethren all over the globe to celebrate his jubilee with him in São Paulo, Brazil. After 10 years and having moved to Canada, May got to see Bro. Eli once again, but as a full-fledged member of the Church.“The meeting was very brief,” she said. “He smiled at us as he curiously asked ‘Is it too cold in Canada? How long is your travel time?’” Despite feeling sad as they were about to say farewell, talking to him for a brief moment, Sis. May says, “It felt like home”.To our beloved preacher, Bro. Eli, happy 56 years of faithful service to the Lord! May the Almighty Father keep you and give you strength to continue in your calling of bringing the Gospel to the world. May the Lord bless you with more years in His service. God bless you always, Bro. Eli! We love you with the love of the Lord!Do you have inspiring anecdotes and testimonials about Bro. Eli? Visit our official MCGI Facebook page and tell us more about it. You can also send us your treasured photos with Bro. Eli and your stories about those.

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