The Gutenberg Bible of 1456 remains to this day the rarest of rare books with a single page fetching $25,000, according to experts in an article on Knowing however that the value of bringing God’s words to all is beyond any collector’s appraisal, MCGI Overall Servants also use print to preach.

The following publications aim to help spread the words of Christ:

  • TOP magazine features scriptural topics, Church affairs, and a series of answered questions of faith from Bro. Eli’s Bible Expositions, and selected blog articles. The magazine started in 2004 and is distributed for free.
  • From technology to society, to education and history, this magazine publishes articles with a Christian outlook on the different facets of life. It also compiles Church news to keep readers abreast with MCGI activities and public services. Since the magazine is sold, it contains no biblical verse that the words of God may not be used in merchandise (2 Corinthians 2:17).
  • For those with no access to the Internet comes this printed version of Bro. Eli’s WordPress blog, The blog won Mashable’s Most Educational to Follow Award in 2009. Like the TOP magazine, it is distributed for free.
  • While unfortunate events happen daily, Magandang Balita or “Good News” newspaper helps bring hope to the nation by reporting achievements, developments, and breakthroughs in different fields. Above all, it aids in sending God’s good news to all through a column of Bro. Eli’s preaching. Written mostly in Filipino, the tabloid is given for free.

Among all these however, the best publication that MCGI and its Overall Servants give their best efforts to distribute for free is the Bible. In 2004 alone, Bro. Eli purchased more than PHP 1M worth of bibles. The Philippine Bible Society awarded the preacher a Certificate of Appreciation on March 30, 2005 for being “a regular donor and major distribution partner.”

To receive a free copy of the Bible, please click here.


Print: Last edited on January 29, 2015