MCGI’s ‘Teatro Kristiano’ Holds 9th Edition of Dance Play Festival

The Members Church of God International’s (MCGI) Theater Ministry (or ‘Teatro Kristiano’ in the vernacular) are all set for the 9th Dance Play Festival on June 10, 2018 at the ADD Convention Center, Apalit, Pampanga.

File Photo. The Central Apalit Teatro Kristiano posed with the “C” hand sign for a group shot after earning the third place, during the 8th Teatro Kristiano Dance Play Festival held on May 28, 2017 (Photo: Bro. Ihsaias Marin, Photoville International)

Set to begin at 5 p.m. (PHT), the Dance Play Festival is expected to showcase performances rich with spectacular choreography, role-playing and tableau. The theatrical presentation from the participating divisions are expected to feature narrative stories mixed with repertoire of movements.

As mentioned in the audio-video presentation from the Theater Ministry, the participating divisions include Quezon-Marinduque, Central Apalit, Cavite, LBMR (Laguna, Batangas, Mindoro, and Romblon), Bicol, Bulacan, Rizal, Pampanga, National Capital Region, North 1, North 2, Palawan, Mindanao and Japan.

Inspirational Message through Dance Art

This year’s theme is centered on the Bible verse, Ecclesiastes 12:1 which reads: “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them;”

As early as May, participating divisions were already preparing and readying to present an outstanding dance play. All striving to be unique and faithful to the theme, the participating divisions made sure that the productions were carefully crafted.

“In our division, Bulacan, we brainstormed in order to come up with sets of concept and storyline. It was quite challenging period when it comes to merging different suggested ideas. Yet, we hope to perform our best, with God’s help and mercy,”said Sister Tracy Advincula, one of the performers from Bulacan Division, in an interview.

Sister Tracy then added that the theme is timely for Christians, especially for the youths, that is, to always regard and reflect upon the righteousness of God.

All for the Glory of God

The Theater Ministry has been one of the bigger Youth groups in MCGI comprised of thousands of youths whose main line of duty is focused in the performing arts with the tagline, “To Entertain, Enlighten, Educate, and Evangelize for the Glory of our God”.

Together with the Music Ministry, Teatro Kristiano performers complement the opening production during the regular International Thanksgiving service. (Photo: Photoville International)

Alongside with the Music Ministry, the members of Teatro Kristiano complements hymns and songs of praises in every Church events through their graceful movements and dance choreographies.

“Most people use their talent only to please human eyes. As Christians who are taught with righteousness, we utilize the art of dancing to praise and worship God. He gave us talents, thus, we use it to glorify His Name,” said Brother Adrian Oquendo, the National Teatro Kristiano coordinator and one of the event organizers.

Brother Adrian further invited MCGI brethren and guests to come and watch the upcoming festival. He noted that this event will also help boost and encourage the members of TK to pursue their duties in the Church, with God’s help.

Admission is free and open to anyone who wants to attend the Dance Play.

Written by: Mary Jane Yonzon

MCGI and UNTV Provide Free Health Services for Persons Deprived of Liberties (PDL) in BJMP, Cainta

Members Church of God International (MCGI) partnered with UNTV News and Rescue to conduct a free medical mission for Persons Deprived of Liberties (PDL) in BJMP, Cainta, benefiting a total of 270 individuals.


With the summer heat back in season for the country, illnesses and skin diseases are starting to rise, affecting many who are imprisoned in jails. Viewing this as a crucial health concern that must be addressed, MCGI and UNTV provided free health care services to BJMP detainees who are unable to access medical relief.

Rhea Arlegui, acting jail warden of Cainta BJMP, explained the complications concerning health care for the detainees, saying, “We can’t just bring them to the hospital for health check-ups because we need an order from the court to do that.”

During the medical mission, detainees were assisted with a number of services including free medical consultation, dental extraction, optical consultation, free medicine, and legal assistance with volunteer lawyers from UNTV.

“The medical mission is very good because many received relief,” remarked Arlegui, explaining that the public service was greatly beneficial to the detainees who are lacking medical and legal assistance.

“We are wholeheartedly giving thanks to Bro. Eli and Kuya Daniel. We hope there will be a next time for a second part of this mission for this year,” Rhea Arlegui thanked the group for their public service.

The medical mission marked the group’s second public service for those imprisoned in jail, making it a goal to reach out to those who lack liberties for public services.

Written by: Jenina Bontuyan

MCGI and UNTV Conduct Blood Drive in Vietnam and East Timor

Members Church of God International (MCGI) and the Philippine television channel, UNTV News and Rescue conducted bloodletting activities in Vietnam and East Timor.


In Vietnam, the group volunteered at a Humanitarian Blood Donation Center in Ho Chi Minh City, where 15 volunteers successfully passed the evaluation to donate blood.

The Blood Donation Center in Ho Chi Minh City’s Dr. Nguyen Thi Linh remarked: “I’m very appreciative of your help every three months. You save lives of our patients who need blood.”

Meanwhile, a volunteer group from East Timor held their blood donation effort in The East Timor Blood Bank Center. MCGI and UNTV supported the Philippine Embassy’s blood donation initiative, which resulted in 56 donated blood bags from MCGI volunteers.

“To Mr. Daniel Razon, I admire you. Even here in Timor I can still see your good heart,” said Ambassador Abdulmaid K. Muin from the Philippine Embassy of East Timor, explaining how Bro. Daniel inspires Filipinos abroad to unite in volunteering.

“Our volunteerism as Filipinos unites us as a nation,” added Ambassador Muin.

Along with MCGI and UNTV volunteers, Indonesian and local Timorese individuals also donated.

MCGI and UNTV have been conducting blood drives for many years in different countries, even winning awards like the Jose Rizal Award in 2015, which was the highest honor by the Philippine Blood Society during the Dugong Bayani Awards.

Written by: Jenina Bontuyan

MCGI Launches ‘Omega DigiBible’, Debuts at No. 2 in Google’s Android Play Store

Shown here is the Omega DigiBible app logo. (Source: Omega DigiBible Facebook page)

The advent of smartphones and mobile apps prove to be helpful tools in almost anything. Nowadays, people use mobile apps in their handsets not only to communicate, connect, and reach people even from far away countries in just a matter of seconds. These technologies have been helping people accomplish tasks fast and efficiently.

One of the latest mobile apps that is making waves in the Google Play and Apple App Stores is the Bible app from the Members Church of God International (MCGI) — the Omega DigiBible. The latest Bible-reading app allows for the fast and extensive spread of the Gospel and being able to take down Bible study notes on-the-go without carrying notebook and pen.

Becoming one of the Top New Free Apps the first week of its launch, it peaked at No. 2 with more than 11,000 downloads as of April 30. Overall, it became one of the 100 Top Free Android apps, at No. 85 during the first week.

Key Features of the Omega Digi Bible App

With the Omega DigiBible, users get a unique Bible reading experience onto their mobile devices of the world’s best-selling book. Among the best features of the Bible app that users will love include the “Bible Reading Plans”, “Verse of the day”, and “Parallel Reading”, just to name a few.

The latest app also allows users to create notes and search for keywords or phrases using the Bible search feature, giving users an engrossing experience in studying the Bible and its contents.

The Truth is Just a Click Away

Vsionteq founder Ulysses Villamin said that the Omega DigiBible is packed with good features that are not currently available in other Bible apps. “Its best feature is its interface because we believe that the Bible apps should be user-friendly.”
Omega DigiBible lets users remember verses easily. Users can bookmark, place comment, highlight and copy the verses, among others. The Bible app also allows searching of words or phrases easily.

The app also made possible parallel reading of two Bible translations, set Bible reading plans and take down notes.

In addition, the Omega DigiBible also lets users maximize their use of the app with resources and tools for further edification, such as the “Top of the Hour Prayer” and “A Preacher’s Blog.”

The “Top of the Hour Prayer” allows users to set their own time for a one-minute prayer and streams of praise songs. The prayer is currently available in four languages: English, Tagalog, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Vsionteq founder Ulysses Villamin said that Omega DigiBible’s Top of the Hour Prayer is a “great feature because it allows users talk or communicate with God in an hourly basis.”

On the other hand, the “A Preacher’s Blog” features blog posts by Overall Servant of MCGI, Bro. Eli Soriano, via his blog site. The blog written by Bro. Eli focuses on a range of biblical topics and questions about Christian faith.


Currently with 27 Bible versions, the Omega DigiBible apps contain two audio versions, which allows for offline use.

Other mobile apps developed by Vsionteq include Gem Rocker, Quipsphere, and Chatsauce, which provide users with a unique way to communicate, socialize and play games.

Written by: Jenina Bontuyan

MCGI Hosts Mass Blood Drive in Rome, Italy

MCGI and UNTV volunteers posed with Dr Roberto Ciavaglia, one of the medics in charge of the bloodletting event held in Roma, Italy.

Members Church of God International (MCGI), with partners Philippine television channel UNTV News and Rescue and Policlinico Hospital, hosted a mass bloodletting initiative last May 1, 2018 in Roma, Italy.

There were a total of 13 bags of blood collected during the event.

Taekwondo athlete RJ Gabuyo, an active participant of the blood drive effort of MCGI, remarked about the benefits of donating blood through this cause. “This is my eighteenth time donating blood and it is good for the body. Everytime we donate blood, let us think that we are able to help other people.”

According to the Philippine Blood Society, there are many benefits that come with blood donation. Not only does one get the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped someone in need of blood, but it also improves heart health and enhances the production of new blood cells.

Needle in and all smiles from one of the brethren in Roma, Italy whilst donating blood during the mass bloodletting.

MCGI’s Overall Servants Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon promote and conduct such advocacy on a regular basis not only in the Philippines but also in some parts of the world.

Not only are MCGI members encouraged to do good for others, but Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel call on everyone to grab every God-given opportunity that they may come across or they may find to do good.

An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), whose heart was touched by the cause, was elated upon hearing about the event and grabbed the opportunity to do good.

“Thank you to UNTV that there is a blood donation here in Italy. This is a project led by Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro Daniel Razon. Through this, we are able to help our fellow men. Thank you and until next time,” Bernard Trinidad stressed.

The blood donation effort in Roma, Italy is conducted twice a year.

Written by: Lalluh Adalla

With a Park Stroll, MCGI’s “Walk of Faith” Reminds About Trusting God’s Power

The Music Ministry of MCGI performed their Guinness Book of World Records-smashing 15-minute medley of Church praise songs as the Walk of Faith in Apalit, Pampanga was officially opened to the waiting crowd. (Photo by Mark Santillan, Photoville International)

Pampanga, Philippines — Past midnight on April 30, 2018, the Members Church of God International (MCGI) launched its “Walk of Faith” and dancing fountain, the main attractions of its new park at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

The Walk of Faith features a series of stone tablets inscribed with the names of heroes of faith and their most well-known acts of obedience to and trust in God. The stone tablets line up along the outer ring of the fountain.

Taking inspiration from the writings of St. Paul in Hebrews Chapter 11 and St. John in the Book of Revelation, the Walk of Faith aims to remind its viewers what faith and the power of God can do through the examples given by past servants of God — even just by taking a stroll around the park.

A Fountain of Praise Songs

Another sight to behold is MCGI’s dancing fountain, albeit, to the tunes of the Church’s originally-crafted songs of faith and praise.

While a song plays, LED-lights accompany the movement of the fountain’s water controlled by pump jets that propel it into the air at any direction with ease and grace.

One of the main attractions of the new park to welcome MCGI members and guests alike to the ADD Convention Center is the Walk of Faith. The stone tablets lie on the outer ring of the fountain and bear the names and works of the heroes of faith in the Bible. (Photo by Mark Santillan, Photoville International)

The Walk of Faith, the dancing fountain, and new park are part of the renovation project of the Ang Dating Daan Convention Center conceptualized by Bro. Daniel Razon, the Assistant to the Overall Servant of MCGI, under the guidance of Bro. Eli Soriano, the Overall Servant of MCGI.

The ADD Convention Center hosts many of the Church’s national events in the country as well as international conventions throughout the year. The center is also where the weekly Thanksgiving service of the Church is held.

Other renovation works are currently ongoing, one of which is MCGI’s Chapel. Once finished, the fully air-conditioned venue will be able to seat 5,000 people and house the baptistery of the Church.

An aerial drone photo of the new park at the ADD Convention Center during The Walk of Faith inauguration. Surrounding the park are MCGI’s Music Ministry members as the crowd (top left) awaits to enter and see the area. (Photo by Russell Julio, Photoville International)

MCGI congregants in Apalit and in locales across the globe beheld the unveiling of the new park and its two main stars live via satellite.

Bro. Daniel, together with Church ministers, officiated the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Apalit’s municipal engineers, Engr. Larry Torres and Engr. Glenn Danting, municipal engineer and municipal administrator, respectively, also attended and served as official witnesses to the event.

MCGI Assistant Overall Servant Bro. Daniel Razon delivers his opening remarks for the inauguration of The Walk of Faith, one of the latest renovation projects to the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga. (Photo by Lian San Miguel Opol, Photoville International)

A video introducing the Walk of Faith and the dancing fountain was played. Afterwards, Bro. Daniel gave a short opening remarks thanking the town’s officers for attending and read Luke 17:10 in Spanish for the benefit of the members and guests in Latin America.

“To God be the glory!” exclaimed Bro. Daniel before finally cutting the ribbon and opening The Walk of Faith for anyone who wishes to have a stroll and see tablets of stone about Abraham, Sarah, David and other people in the past who conquered adversities by putting their trust and love in God above all.

Written by: Rigor Arellano

Successful Sports Edition of MCGI International Youth Convention Held

The Members Church of God International’s (MCGI) two-day International Youth Convention Sports Edition has gathered the youth congregants across the globe together for a multi-sport activity, consultation, battle of the bands, and team building, from April 30 to May 1, this year.

Held at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga, where thousands of MCGI youth convened, the IYC celebrated its 16th anniversary. Those who cannot make it to the convention center attended the event in all coordinating centers, where live satellite feed and live streaming were provided.

IYC has the theme ‘Kabataang Kristiano’, which speaks about encouraging the youth of the Church to have a different perspective about sports, games, discipline and winning.

Sportsmanship with Christian Perspective

In his opening remarks, Assistant to the Overall Servant, Bro. Daniel Razon said why it is important for the participants of the youth convention to understand the essence, the content, and how it will benefit the attendees.

He then expounded that the life of a servant of God revolves around trusting the word of God, then he uttered “that is why, ‘He that is of God heareth God’s words;’ (John 8:47).” Bro. Daniel then explained why the life of a servant of God revolves around God’s wisdom by reading Philippians 1:27.

Further to his opening remarks, Bro. Daniel also encouraged the youth to have a different perspective when joining or participating in games or sports. He elaborated that Christians do not merely join sports activities in order to gain trophies, which are temporal, but to aspire for those which are eternal.

“In everything that you are doing, do all these in glorifying God,” said the veteran broadcast journalist, then adding what was written in Romans 12:2, “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

As the second day of event was dedicated to a live consultation to address youth concerns, delegates sought counsel from the Overall Servant of MCGI, Bro. Eli Soriano.

The much-awaited part of youth convention started as early as 6 a.m. with consultation with Bro. Eli. The consultation segment was brief at just four hours, yet the participants, who asked their questions of faith and other concerns, to Bro. Eli, were evidently satisfied with the international televangelist’s answers.

In his closing remarks, the preacher advised the youth about living a life in moderation and self-control.

Final Results

The biggest winner was the National Capital Region for bagging five golds, three silvers and one bronze medal, making them the Overall Champion of IYC Sports Edition 2018. Their rank was followed by Rizal Region and LBMR Region, respectively.

The multi-sport event comprised of basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, darts, board games, cheer dance competition and other group dynamics. Apart from hosting a sporting event, IYC held a blood donation drive at the lobby of ADD Convention Center, where youth members can donate blood.

Other participants who were unable to join the major sporting activities, enjoyed the fun-filled recreational activities such as Open Games, Traditional Filipino Games, and Carnival Games.

The youth event also treated the participants with light entertainment, including the performance of the Wishful Five finalists of Wish 107.5 online singing competition. Other guest musicians include, Plethora Band, The Voysing and Tawag ng Tanghalan Semi-Finalist, Adelene Rabulan.

Social Media Trending Effort

In support to one of the biggest youth events in MCGI, members of Youth Ministry from different parts of the globe participated in the online discussions. In social media, members were asked to tweet their greetings, experiences, learnings, and fond memories of the event, using the hashtag #MCGISportsEdition2018.

The official hashtag was first spotted at No. 3 spot in the Philippines’ Trends at 9:29 AM PHT on April 30, 2018.

Written by: Mary Jane Yonzon

MCGI’s Medical Mission at San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan Serves More than 700 Indigents

At the medical mission hosted by the Members Church of God International (MCGI) together with UNTV News and Rescue on April 28 this year, 747 Bulakeños attended the outreach program at San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan.

It was not the first time for the residents of San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan to receive help from MCGI’s charitable efforts. This time, the free medical mission offered for the residents of Brgy. Muzon.


The requestor, Jody Mar Bartolome, chairman of Bartolome Foundation, expressed his deepest gratitude to MCGI and UNTV News and Rescue for always granting their humble requests without having any second thoughts.

Mr. Jody Mar Bartolome, the requestor of the free medical mission in the area of Brgy. Muzon, San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan.

Mr. Bartolome shared that many are still in need of help in their area despite being a developed city.

The indigents received a combination of free medical consultation, free optical consultation, laboratory tests, massage, free circumcision, and free medicines. MCGI regularly hosts free medical missions and other charitable efforts, ranging from weekly to quarterly basis in order to help our fellowmen in various places.


Mrs. Ruth Monte Alco, one of the 700 residents who enjoyed the free medical mission, together with her husband and son.

Rose Marie Matik, one of the residents who received help during the medical mission, expressed her gratitude to the hosts of the medical outreach because she and her grandchildren enjoyed not only free health services and medicines, but also free meals.

Ms. Matik, who takes care of her five grandchildren, admitted that her situation is difficult, especially that she is not earning much for a living.

Another patient of the medical outreach, Mrs. Ruth Monte Alco, enlisted herself together with her husband and son, to avail of the free services.

“My 13-year old son had his free circumcision, while I am here to have my tooth extracted with my husband, who also had his tooth extracted,” said Mrs. Alco in an interview.

The hosting of Medical Mission to provide free medical care, dental services, vision services, lab services, distribution of free medicines, legal consultations, and more at different local and international areas, is part of the many charitable efforts of MCGI being lead by Bro. Eli Soriano and Kuya Daniel Razon, the Overall Servant and Assistant to the Overall Servant, respectively.

Written by: Samantha Baluyot

MCGI and UNTV Offer Free Medical Services to Fishermen in Morong, Bataan

A total of 543 fishermen and their families in Morong, Bataan received free health care services in a medical mission conducted by the Members Church of God International and its media partner, UNTV News and Rescue.

Coinciding their celebration of the Fishermen’s Day where the fishermen are acknowledged for their hard work and great part in the economy, the medical mission held on April 27 this year was a huge help the fishermen were thankful for as they rarely get opportunities for free medical checkups and treatments.


Despite having a difficult job and one that is prone to sickness, many fishermen cannot get treatment or have their bodies checked.

“Rain or shine, they are in the seas to earn a living,” said Bantay-Dagat Chairman Edwin Katamura, explaining that the fishermen have already enough worries on how they could get by a day to also think about medical expenses.

The town officials were also concerned about the different health problems that the intense labor and tough weather will bring to their fishermen.

Municipal Fisheries Coordinator Edwin Corbadora explained, “The sound of the engine rumbling all afternoon hurts their ears. Their eyes are also developing problems.”

The medical mission provided beneficiaries with medical and dental checkups, eye care services as well as free medicines. Free circumcision was also administered with the help of the Philippine National Police Special Action Force (PNP SAF).

“We are wholeheartedly thankful to Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path), to Bro. Eli Soriano, as well as Kuya Daniel Razon because they were very supportive. The help they gave here in the Day of the Fishermen is very big,” Morong Bataan Mayor Cynthia Linao-Estanislao thanked the public service team.

“The treatment and checkups are free so I am thankful to God and to those helped us,” remarked Juanito Ibarra, one of the beneficiaries.

For many years now, MCGI and UNTV, along with other key partners, regularly conduct medical and dental missions to different parts of the Philippines, giving indigents opportunities for free health care assistance.

Written by: Jenina Bontuyan

MCGI Donates 452 Blood Bags to Philippine Blood Center

MCGI Representative, Bro. Danny Navales awards certificate of appreciation to Philippine Blood Center Technical Division Head Dr. Francis Dematera for allowing the organization and ADD Foundation International to use PBC’s facilities for blood donation drive.

Over 700 people lined up to donate blood at the grounds of Philippine Blood Center (PBC) during the Mass Blood Donation drive hosted by the Members Church of God International (MCGI) through the ADD Foundation International.

The April 28 MCGI blood drive contributed a total of 452 blood units to PBC, which it hopes could reach the farthest parts of the Philippines and help save lives in far-flung provinces.

“We are happy that they held this activity right here at the Philippine Blood Center,” said Philippine Blood Center (PBC) management. “We are very grateful to the leadership of Ang Dating Daan, to Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel Razon. Thank you very much.“

Together with MCGI volunteers, the Philippine Blood Center (PBC) in-house staff administered the blood donation drive using their world-class facilities for better blood extraction facilitation.

Benefits of Donating Blood

While giving blood should be all about helping those in need, it is also proven to be beneficial to the wellness of the blood donor.

In a study published by the American Journal of Epidemiology, researchers found out that 88% of those who donated blood at least once a year, have lower risk of heart attack and less likely to get strokes and cancers.

Meanwhile, Verni Mangacer, a blood donor, considered donating blood as more than just a monetary contribution. “When you buy from other institutions it can cost up to Php2,000 (US$40.00). But by donating blood, it’s almost as if you’ve given financial help to those in need.”

Bro. Eli Soriano and Kuya Daniel Razon, Overall Servant and Assistant to the Overall Servant, respectively, founded in MCGI the Blood Donors Society (BDS) more than a decade ago to host blood drives on an ongoing basis, in order to extend help to those who are in need of blood.

MCGI, together with other partners in the media through UNTV News and Rescue, host mass blood donation drives on a range of weekly to quarterly basis in different key locations all over the Philippines and abroad.

The organization has been a recipient of the prestigious Jose Rizal Award, the highest citation in the PBS’s Dugong Bayani Awards.

Written by: Jellyne S. de Ocampo