November 16, 2023


MCGI’s Vision in Action: Revolutionizing Healthcare Charity Through Mobile Dental and Optical Clinics

The Members Church of God International’s (MCGI) mobile clinics are rolling across the Philippines bringing free healthcare and hope. Inspired by MCGI Overall Servant Brother Daniel Razon’s vision to reach more brethren and fellowmen, what started as a lone mobile clinic in February 2023 has added two more mobile clinics traversing the nation.

In the span of six months to October this year, these state-of-the-art mobile clinics have already impacted over 57,000 patients across 44 provinces in the Philippines, providing complete dental, optical, and medical services absolutely free of charge. 

From Luzon to Visayas to Mindanao, dental patients served by these mobile clinics reached 18,424 while 38,567 patients availed the MCGI’s optical services.

Inside the MCGI Mobile Dental and Optical Clinic

Stepping into any of the three MCGI Mobile Dental and Optical Clinics is like walking into a venue where innovation, compassion, and commitment to service meet. While it may seem like a mere vehicle on the outside, the inside reveals an advanced facility for dentists and optometrists.

The MCGI Mobile Dental and Optical Clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools such as Dental Chairs, Sterilization Units, Advanced Lighting Systems, Comprehensive and Dental Kits. As for optical equipment, the mobile clinics have optical trial frames and lenses, Snellen Chart and other basic optical tools.

Using these tools the dentists onboard can provide the following services: basic dental check-ups, tooth extractions, dental cleanings, dental implant surgery, and dental health education. 

Meanwhile, on-the-road optometrists provide eye check-ups, prescription eyeglasses, and eye health education outside the mobile clinics.

The Need for Dental and Optical Services in the Philippines

Many underserved communities face multiple challenges that prevent them from accessing regular dental and eye care. They may lack financial capacity, health insurance, or transportation options to reach traditional clinics. This can cause minor issues to worsen into more serious health problems. 

To address these challenges, Brother Daniel spearheaded the launch of the MCGI Cares programs, which includes providing various forms of innovative healthcare services, especially to the financially challenged sector in urban and remote areas. Currently, MCGI deploys three Mobile Dental and Optical Clinics to serve people in the Philippines.

 During his speech at the launching event on December 2022, Brother Daniel highlighted the reason why MCGI is zealous in providing top-notch healthcare services to the community for free.

“In humble ways, through the MCGI, may the Lord’s kindness and care reach you. We want everything that’s best for you,”  he said. 

By eliminating transportation barriers and cost obstacles, these mobile clinics enable vulnerable populations to receive the oral and optical healthcare they desperately need but struggle to obtain through traditional facilities. 

MCGI Brand of Service

Brother Daniel Razon, MCGI Overall Servant (second to the right), cuts the ribbon during the launch of the first MCGI Mobile Dental and Optical Clinic in December 2022 at KDR Adventure Camp in Orani, Bataan. After months of operation, Brother Daniel added two more mobile clinics to serve more people in the Philippines. (screengrab from UNTV News and Rescue YouTube video)

Going beyond just procedures, MCGI’s mobile clinics provide complete care aligned with the MCGI Overall Servant’s instructions to heart. Patients not only receive dental and optical services, but also leave with the correct medicines and supplies they need, free of charge.

“We, the Members of Church of God International, would like to provide service to you, ” Brother Daniel said.

With fully-equipped mobile units and a team of dedicated professionals, MCGI is not only bridging healthcare gaps but also sending a clear message: everyone deserves to see the world clearly and smile brightly. 

Through this initiative, MCGI continues to shine by carrying out one dental check-up and eye exam at a time.

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