December 2, 2023


Brother Daniel Razon’s 40th Sabbath Anniversary: 20 Tricycles Granted to Beneficiaries

True to his commitment to his humble service to God and humanity,  the Members Church of God International (MCGI) Overall Servant Brother Daniel Razon has granted a total of 20 motorized tricycles to various beneficiaries across different parts of the country. 

Tricycle is a popular type of public utility vehicle in the Philippines, comprising a motorcycle with an attached passenger cab. These vehicles operate on designated routes or are available for hire, similar to taxicabs.

For many low-income Filipinos, owning a tricycle enables them to take home all their earnings for the day. Typically, drivers are hired by tricycle owners who are also known as operators. At the end of each day, the drivers pay the operator a fixed amount called the ‘boundary,’ which serves as the rent for using the vehicle. 

Frequently, if they do not pay for the boundary, drivers take home only a small fraction of their potential earnings. During calamities or holidays, when there are fewer passengers, some drivers struggle to provide their families with decent meals for several days.

Answered Prayers

Owning a tricycle doesn’t guarantee substantial earnings, but it’s advantageous as drivers won’t need to rent. This led Brother Daniel to grant these vehicles to driver brethren.

For the beneficiaries, these gifts are God’s response to their dreams of securing a steady source of income amid financial challenges. 

“I am overjoyed because God has answered my prayer. I thank God for Kuya Daniel and all my brothers and sisters. Many thanks to God,” expressed Brother Marlo Alfuente during the Gift-Giving ceremonies at MCGI Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Sister Lorena Donato was surprised to be chosen as one of the recipients of the motorcycle-powered mini-taxi.

“I am delighted because I didn’t expect to be selected as a recipient of a tricycle. For this, I immensely thank God and Kuya Daniel,” she enthusiastically expressed.   

Heart of Service and Charity

November 28, 2023, marks Brother Daniel’s 40th year of baptism acceptance in MCGI. It also serves as the beginning of his tireless dedication and contributions to the Church in propagating God’s word to humanity through evangelization and charitable acts. 

Brother Daniel has made a practice of giving special gifts to his fellow brethren in MCGI each year during his Sabbath anniversary. As he commemorates another year of service, he endeavors to assist financially challenged MCGI members.

During an interview, Brother Daniel expressed his heartfelt desire to support financially disadvantaged members within MCGI: “In my humble capacity, I strive to reach out to brothers and sisters in need as I celebrate the 40th year of my acceptance of baptism.” 

Brother Daniel’s wish-granting endeavors aren’t restricted to special events like his Sabbath Anniversary. MCGI Cares, the Church’s charitable arm, regularly conducts acts of kindness and generosity towards all individuals, irrespective of their religious or socio-political affiliation.

He often emphasizes that serving others is a fundamental obligation of the Church established by our Lord Jesus Christ. “These initiatives are regularly done by brothers and sisters in various ways so that we will reflect the essence of true religion stated in the Bible. The spirit of true religion is to help the afflicted, the orphans, widows, the poor, and those in need,” stated Brother Daniel.

He also highlighted that through charitable acts, the Church fulfills its role as a beacon of God’s love and grace to humanity, especially in today’s world where many struggle with hope and trust in God.

“Through the Church, we can introduce the love of God and His grace, especially to our brothers and sisters; that the Lord will not abandon us and that we have value in God’s eyes,” he added.

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