September 1, 2014


Newly Baptized Testimonials: August 1, 2014

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on August 1, 2014 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Bro. Hossain Asis, 22, Former Catholic, Manila

On Joining the Church or God
For me to be able to know the true Church, of course I believed what Bro. Eli says. Then, I also investigated in the Bible. To be saved, we must have God in our works.

On Being Baptized
I’m happy. I’m tired but I feel relieved knowing that my sins have been [forgiven] and I know that the path I tread is the right one.

I was able to watch, by accident, a debate during a Bible Exposition. It was about the atheist and Bro. Eli. I finished it until it ended, and I found that everything that Bro. Eli said on his side was right. That’s when I began listening to Bro. Eli.

I was just surfing the channels then when I chanced upon Channel 37; then I kind of saw that there was a man speaking about God. I tuned into it for a moment and I heard Bro. Eli’s side, saying that God is true. And every explanation he had about the Bible proved that God is true, [in his response] to the atheist who didn’t believe that God is real.

On MCGI Leaders
I thank Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel, and I hope to see them, God willing, personally. I really admire him as a teacher. He is a wise person. I also admire his works. I was enlightened by the words he read in the Bible. But I thank God foremost, for everything, for the light, for being able to serve Him.


Bro. Potenciano Silla Jr., 62, Former Jesus Is Lord Member, Manila

On Joining the Church of God
This is what I found to be true. Believe it or not, I’ve been listening to Bro. Eli for 20 years now.

I thought for a while, and I have [investigated] many religions already, but this is what I found to be different from among the rest. He’s [Bro. Eliseo Soriano] the one who will lead us in the right way; we won’t get lost.

Imagine, it’s been 20 years and I’m here only now. As Bro. Eli said to our fellows, “Why only now?” Of course I investigated so many, like the Born Again. Would you believe that I’m the son of a Born Again member?

My deceased wife was also Born Again. I brought them [my family] there, and until now they are there. It’s just that I saw something that was not right to my belief. Then, I started to stop going there.

Before, I was zealous in the Born Again, in the JIL, until one day, it was the 80s then, I saw was able to watch him, even on a black and white television.

Now I have a new wife and a daughter whom I will encourage to join here, as well as my children who are Born Again members.

On Being Baptized
Tears were in my eyelids; the Spirit was entering me. When I was immersed, even when I was being asked questions by [the baptizer], I had goose bumps already. I don’t know. But that’s when I realized what Bro. Eli said about the good Spirit. To be able to encourage many, I really see him as the preacher [whom God uses] for many sheep to join him in the fold.

On MCGI Leaders
I hope Bro. Eli will have a longer life. May the Lord God and Father help him, and give him health. May he be able to continue for a far longer time leading the fold [in] righteousness.


Bro. Ariel and Sis. Marites Advincula, 36 & 37, Former Aglipayan and Catholic Church Members, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

Bro. Ariel: Firstly, there’s the feeling that you’ve really known the truth wherein you can say that it’s not only in the organization, but in the doctrines as well.

You know that you’re not being deceived because when they [MCGI Leaders] answer, they really have basis. That is what’s important of all, that everything they will say has basis and not from their own.

Others would only read a verse and then would go on rambling or say enticing things. Here, some words you hear may hurt you, but they are what will open your eyes to the truth, what you need for your soul to be saved.

Sis. Marites: For me, this is the true religion. The religion that we grew up in didn’t prohibit anything. Anything you wanted to do, you can.

Then, what my husband said is right. A little verse would be read then afterwards, their self-explanation. You will realize that the god they serve is wrong.

Bro. Ariel: I was Aglipayan member before, but it’s the same [with the Catholic’s], except there the priests can marry.

Sis. Marites: Also, for me, what’s important is that it is the Word of God that is being observed. Here you can truly find the Word of God being obeyed, unlike in others wherein they appear to read the Bible but don’t follow it.

Bro. Ariel: Others make merchandize of God’s words.

Sis. Marites: Many of them are for wealth.

Bro. Ariel: Others don’t pay tax, and enjoy other [exemptions], but us [we don’t]. That’s what happens when you are in the right path.

When you are in the truth, you will be discriminated. But us, we’re lucky, [and] there’s the hope that they will feel what we feel, that they have a soul that needs saving. Of course, we make ways to help them [be saved], that their [spiritual] poverty be gone and that we would all be equal in our love for God.

On Being Baptized

Bro. Ariel: I can’t explain it. It feels light inside knowing that you have left all your former filth, worldly things behind. It was so clear, like there was a bright light that you want to go to. It just felt so light, like though the path you’re entering is narrow but you fit right in because you have already left all your burdens behind.

Sis. Marites: When I wasn’t baptized yet, when I was just being carried [to the water], I felt excited and at the same time nervous because it was my first time to be immersed in the water like that.

There’s the feeling of contentment, that I’m already happy inside because I’ve been waiting for this for one month as I have been battling for my life. I have been under a fifty-fifty chance of survival a few times already. That’s why I couldn’t go on with the baptism before.

Bro. Ariel: We started on July 3 with the indoctrination. There were many hindrances. That’s why I was crying before we were brought [to the indoctrination]. I said, “Please help us for us not to be hindered again,” because we struggled with the indoctrination as there were times that she would be “fifty-fifty.”

She has myasthenia gravis, a muscular autoimmune disease. It started this February only. Her neurotransmitters don’t connect with each other [because of antibodies], so she feels easily weakened. For example, she speaks while standing for a long time, her energy becomes suddenly drained. That’s why she has maintenance drugs, even steroids.

Sis. Marites: That’s why my face is big [laughs]. I’ve been listening to [Bro. Eliseo Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon] since I was in high school.

Bro. Ariel: When she had the disease, she was able to focus [on listening]; we were both able to focus. It’s like we were drawn together so that whatever was lacking in our [life would get filled].

We developed more thirst for listening when she [became sick]. At times that we weren’t able to watch [The Old Path], and we would look for it. We felt as if we forgot to do something.

Sis. Marites: The television works 24 hours.

On MCGI Leaders

Bro. Ariel: For Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel, may the Lord will for you to have longer lives. May your health be well and may He keep you that you may be able to lead many more souls like us unto the light, that they may live what we can truly call a “Christian life” and not “made-up Christianity” like the religions we grew up in that taught wrong doctrines.

Sis. Marites: I’m thankful [that the] Church of God was established that saves those who are lost from the way like us. That’s why I hope that our organization may grow and grow that many more will be encouraged [to join], because there are really still many lost souls. I also hope that when I get healed, I’ll become a Church worker.


Sis. Thelma Castro, 52, Former Born Again Member, Pampanga Province

On Joining the Church of God
We [my family and I] watched on television, and we saw the truth. Before when we were Born Again members, the teachings Bro. Eli teach now were not taught to us, and we didn’t see the truth.

My son invited me as we were Born Again members before. He also invited his workmate who was a wheeler. He said to me, “Ma, let’s go The Old Path, that’s where the real truth is.”

After that, I went with him. Then I saw that [Bro. Eliseo Soriano] gave a verse and then explained it clearly. I really learned a lot that were not taught to us in the Born Again group. Bro. Eli really clearly explained things.

We’ve been with [the Born Again group] for three years, but I didn’t see in them change; also, we weren’t baptized. It is here that I really felt the love of God and I thank God and Bro. Eli.

On Being Baptized
I felt the Holy Spirit of God. It’s like my body felt cold [at first], and then I felt… God is truly good.

On MCGI Leaders
I’m thankful to God I met Bro. Eli. He also showed in his many works… I saw his aid for the elders, his educational assistance to the youth. He helps many people, and I was also blessed by his love for people. That’s another point that I saw that [he is true].

Bro. Eli, I’m thankful that I saw your love for people: The elders you take care of, the youth you help study. I’m thankful to God that I met you, that my son brought me here to The Old Path, which is the real truth. Your teachings I have found to be in the Bible, your explanations that you give, I feel blessed.


Bro. Luisito and Dochie Santos, 50 & 40, Former Born Again Members, Bataan Province

On Joining the Church of God

Bro. Luisito: I’ve actually long been hearing Bro. Eli, since the 1980s even. I’ve been listening to his preaching and it’s different; you’ll really see that it comes from the heart. There are many, many teachings that you won’t see in others. You can really say that he is a true preacher.

Sis. Dochie: I can really say that he’s a true preacher because I had many questions before, but when I got to listen to him, there were so many things that I got enlightened about. My questions had been answered.

We asked our [pastor] before, but we weren’t content with the answers. A little mention of a [verse], and afterwards would be one story after another; they’re really not focused on the Word of God.

On Being Baptized

Bro. Luisito: Even when I was just walking towards the baptizer, you can already feel that the Spirit was there; more so when I was immersed. That’s when things became clear, like something was gone from you; it felt so good inside.

Sis. Dochie: Even when Bro. Eli was speaking to us [sermon before baptism], I was meditating already; I was assessing myself. I felt already like crying, because I felt sorry for all the sins, all the wrong things I’ve done.

Then as I started to walk towards the baptizer, I was dressed in white, I really began crying until I was immersed. That’s when I felt the burden I was carrying lifted from me. It’s as if my shoulder felt light.

I’m thankful to God until this moment because I was able to listen [to Bro. Eliseo Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon]. Actually [my husband] had long invited me to join the Church, but I said then, “You go ahead first,” because I wanted to see what would happen to him. But he didn’t want to join unless he was with me. So now, we decided to become members already.

Bro. Luisito: [We’ve been listening to Bro. Eli] for a long time now, even before he was on Channel 13, during Don Manolo Favis’ time. I was just [young] then, not as old as I am now. But I don’t know, it’s different as time goes by: Bro. Eli learns something and I learn something from Bro. Eli. Now, I’ve really seen true change.

On MCGI Leaders

Bro. Luisito: I hope he [Bro. Eli] doesn’t physically age much as there are so many people whom they need to lead, him and Bro. Daniel, Bro. Eli especially, since when I watch him speak, it doesn’t come from his own, but there’s another that guides him.

Sis. Dochie: I hope God will give him a longer life that many more souls will be saved, those who do not yet know, haven’t yet heard the Word. I hope he will always have bodily strength, and the same with Bro. Daniel. May God always keep and guide them.

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