March 12, 2015


Newly Baptized Testimonials: February 27, 2015

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on February 27, 2015 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Bro. Marvin Rellores, 30, Former Catholic, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

I’m really just happy, and I want to learn the doctrines. I just watched him [Bro. Eliseo Soriano] on television, [then] someone invited me to the indoctrination sessions. [The doctrines] are really beautiful. I feel happy. I enjoyed [listening to them].

On Being Baptized

I feel clean; I feel cleansed. It’s like your doubts are gone.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Thank you Bro. Eli. I’m thankful because I was given an opportunity to be able to [learn the doctrines] in the Bible.

~ o ~

Bro. Carlos De Leña, 35, Former Bible Church International Member, Laguna Province

On Joining the Church of God

I’ve long been listening to Bro. Eli, since he was on Channel 21, if I’m not mistaken. I also listened on radio, though I didn’t know the schedule… His [preaching] is really true. Sometimes, when I [participate in discussions], I would speak the teachings I learned.

It was only recently when I got an eye operation that I got an opportunity [to pursue becoming a member]. I was able to rest for one month. God willing, I’ll be able to resume work on Monday.

On Being Baptized

It’s like I got rid of my problems. That’s why I hastened a brother, and said that I wanted [to be baptized] today if possible.

Actually, I was supposed to go back to my doctor today for the surgical stitches to be removed. But I said to myself, “This is the opportunity also given to me [to become a member].”

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

May he [Bro. Eliseo] live longer. I have not seen him personally though. His [teachings] are truly all from the Bible.

~ o ~

Bro. Antonio Jr. and Sis. Marivel Amata, 40 & 41, Former Catholics, Laguna Province

Bro. Antonio: For me, I first watched [Bro. Eliseo Soriano] on the Bible Exposition on TV. Since then, as I watch him, it’s like I was seeing the truth.

Sis. Marivel: At first, we knew this as Ang Dating Daan [The Old Path], and not the Church of God. But like Bro. Eli has explained, it is the Church of God, not The Old Path, because [the latter] is the name of the program on radio.

He [Bro. Antonio] was the first one who told me about it as he often watched on TV. But I was the first to be indoctrinated. I was just surprised one day when he said, “Perhaps, we really must change our [religion].” Since he’s also my husband, he’s the one that I should follow. I felt that it wouldn’t be well for me to get baptized without him.

I’ve attended many religions before, as I have friends [belonging to different groups]… Our last was in Muntinlupa; we were just searching. I told my husband, “Babe, why is it lke that?” Every prayer meeting, they hand out envelopes.”

Though you’re just a guest in a Bible study there in my friend’s [church], they would give you envelopes for you to put [money]. You would state there what that is for, your “seed faith,” your prayer, and like this, like that.

Also, there were tithes there. Of course for me, what if you didn’t have money to place there? It was embarrassing because we were only a few people there. Only about 10 people attended.

Bro. Antonio: She then wanted to attend mass again.

Sis. Marivel: I already wanted to praise… I wanted to praise God, but I just didn’t know how.

Bro. Antonio: There were times that we would argue, because we didn’t have any spiritual guidance. She wanted to return to Catholicism, but I said, “I don’t want to. If you wish, go back alone.”

Sis. Marivel: “Where should we worship now?” I asked. Until the time came that we frequented watching the Bible Exposition on TV. Bro. Daniel invited [to attend the Mass Indoctrination] in February. So we attended, and continued with it.

Bro. Antonio: Of course, we saw the goodness here. We also wanted to set our lives straight, based on what is written.

Sis. Marivel: That feeling you get when you have a question and it’s answered based on what’s written; that’s what we like. We also investigated others, and we realized that what they taught was really wrong.

Perhaps, the Lord also willed for us, giving us [a chance] to be called, like “This is it. Your search is over. This is it. You have to [join]. Come here.”

Bro. Antonio: Then, there was a time when we felt something was encouraging us with what [Bro. Eli] was saying. What he said regarding graven images, I felt fear [of God] that time. I said, “So it’s like this. Why do some people do it, when it’s a great sin against God?”

On Being Baptized

Bro. Antonio: For me, I felt like the heartaches I had in life are gone. It’s like, the weariness and difficulties and the sins I had, I believe they’re gone.

Also, there’s you’re faith in the Lord that you will give yourself, your whole heart, and ask for forgiveness; all the emotional baggage that you feel towards your parents, your other friends will go away.

Sis. Marivel: I cried because as the baptizer was asking me questions, I felt that the Holy Spirit went unto me. It felt so clean.

That feeling that you’re here, and you’re sorry for what you’ve done. As I answered “Yes,” I repented already of my sins.

As was said, you have to bury those, and remove the bitterness [from your heart]. There were times before that I was like that: I would say something, but it wasn’t true inside. But now, it’s not like that, ever since I heard…

There are things that I don’t like at times. Sometimes, in my anger towards someone, I couldn’t even say their name. But now, though I say their name, no bitterness is attached to it.

I hope, God willing, that we will be able to continue with this. That’s why we must really continue [listening] so that our hearts may be filled with the word of God. So that we may not do again the things that we know we’ll just be sorry for in the end.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Sis. Marivel: We are thankful that there are people like Bro. Eli [and Bro. Daniel] who lead people to what is really right.

Bro. Antonio: I hope Bro. Eli will continue to spread the word of God.

~ o ~

Sis. Lydia San Andres and Sis. Angelina Keyser, 51 & 54, Former Catholics, Bulacan Province

On Joining the Church of God

Sis. Lydia: Because I believe that what Bro. Eli is saying is the truth. Also, I read the Bible, and I believe it’s true.

Sis. Angelina: I saw that what he teaches is good. I really knew the Lord.

Sis. Lydia: [We listened] on television, on radio. We listened simultaneously as she is my neighbor.

Sis. Angelina: I would visit her house at times. She would read [the Bible] to me, and we would listen on radio.

Sis. Lydia: I have attended so many [religions]. I didn’t like the teachings of others. I like the preaching of Bro. Eli.

Sis. Angelina: The teaching here is better. That’s why it [settled] in our hearts and minds. It’s good.

Sis. Lydia: And he really reads it from the Bible.

On Being Baptized

Sis. Angelina: I feel light. It’s like I saw Christ in me.

Sis. Lydia: The same with her. It feels okay.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Sis. Lydia: I am delighted with Bro. Eli. Thinking about it, I feel like crying, because who are we for him to teach us like that? As I said, Bro. Eli is so kind. He teaches us the word of God, despite gaining nothing from us.

I would cry at times because I really read in the Bible that God gave each of us our own duties. Bro. Eli’s task is to preach, with courage, boldly. That’s not for himself. If you hearken to it, then thank [God], as you’re the one who’s going to be blessed, and not the preacher.

His status is okay already, preaching the good [word of God]. But for us who listen and obey [those words], it’s really a great thing. It’s for our own good.

In others, just give [money] and you’re okay. Here, it’s hard, but why do you still like it? Also, what’s good here is: When you join, you will really get rid of all vices. With others, you can still do them. Just attend; give if you wish. Here, it’s strict, but right. We won’t regret giving money because you see [what they do for] the brethren.

Sis. Angelina: Bro. Eli is so good. He’s good in preaching. I really like what he teaches: They go straight to the heart.

To God be the glory

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