September 8, 2015


Newly Baptized Testimonials: July 31, 2015

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on July 31, 2015 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Sis. Paula Batan, 16, Former KNC, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

I got encouraged to join as well because I study in La Verdad Christian College.

It’s because this is where I saw the true Church that the Bible speaks of. Also, I really felt that I can avoid the things that I mustn’t do, which I really liked doing back then. It’s like I have accepted that truth already.

I was surprised at myself as I wasn’t like that before, even when it comes to apparel. I can now dress like this [wearing modest apparel], and go out of the house without makeup. It’s a different feeling; I don’t know why! [Laughs]

I also talked to my classmate who was a Church Worker. She explained to me, “When you already feel it, don’t dilly-dally anymore as Bro. Eli said.”

On Being Baptized

I was crying and crying back there. It’s like in the movies when everything I have done came flashing back to me. And now, I’m here, on this moment that I have been waiting for.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Thanks be to God because if I hadn’t known them, I wouldn’t have learned the things I now know. My mind was enlightened to the truths that aren’t being taught by preachers in false churches.


Bro. Godofredo Calinog, 47, Former Catholic, Pampanga Province

On Joining the Church of God

Before, I didn’t believe in the Lord. However, I also had a sickness before; I thought I was going to die. I promised the Lord then that I would serve Him. I made a vow.

I vomited repeatedly. My whole body soon felt weak, and I was dizzy. Actually, I just avoided the doctor [after seeing him] so that I could just recuperate at home. It happened only last year. I’m thankful that my physique has returned.

Our housemate and our son have long been members. [Our son] resides in Manila, but he came here to us in Pampanga.

They invited my wife first. Then, when they invited me as well, I willingly went with them. Now, we have only one faith in the Lord.

On Being Baptized

I felt light inside.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope they will continue their good aspirations and duties in the Lord.


Sis. Jessabelle Pastor, 21, Former Foursquare Gospel Church Member, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

This is where I found peace in my heart.

I have already been to different churches, and then lately, my friend invited me. I went with him, and that’s when I saw that it’s different here. It’s different in the Church of God.

Actually, he’s just new in the Church. He has just been recently baptized, and he was just invited to the Church as well by his workmate.

We learned so many teachings that we didn’t learn from the churches we formerly belonged to.

There are many teachings that we must all remember, and keep in our hearts and minds that we may not sin against God.

On Being Baptized

I felt that all the weight I carried on my chest were gone. It’s like you’re not thinking of any problem, but that you just have a new life.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

My message for Bro. Eli is that may he continue the good works he does, and lead many more people like me to return unto the old path.


Bro. Edgar Dela Fuente, 43, Former Catholic, Cavite Province

On Joining the Church of God

The teachings in the Church of God are good.

At first, I listened only through radio, on Don Manolo Favis’ program. Then later on, I also watched on television.

Actually, I think it has taken me ten years before I came to this day that I have been baptized.

I hear the teachings that he [Bro. Eliseo] says, that the end of this world is drawing near. So I told myself, “I need to hurry that I may not be too late.” What he says really fit what is now happening in this age.

On Being Baptized

I felt chills after I got out of the water.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope that The Old Path will continue that many more people will be lead unto this Church.


Bro. Romeo and Sis. Estrellita Empleo, 59 & 61, Former Catholics, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

Bro. Romeo: We can’t find the answers in our minds to this, but perhaps in our hearts. We were perhaps searching for something.

We were from Catholicism, from different religions even: Bread of Life, Word for the World, Word of Hope. Then by chance, we were able to listen to Bro. Eli Soriano on television as he was mentioned as well by my sibling who watches him.

He’s not a member though. But then every time my brothers and sisters and I would gather and talk about the Bible’s verses, my brother who listens to Bro. Eli is different.

As we listened [to my brother speak] as seekers of truth, it struck us as peculiar because we didn’t hear those things from other congregations and that we weren’t really learned when it comes to the Bible. But with him, the teachings that he shared with us are from the verses that Bro. Eli flashes on the TV screen.


So from thereon, I felt I was challenged. One time, I saw him [Bro. Eliseo] on TV, and I felt drawn to the program. “It’s good,” I said.

The things I was hearing, I could read in the Bible. Because before, I used to only hear [verses] from what pastors relayed to us, but I found that what they say is not what is exactly meant [by the verses] as when I heard them from Bro. Eli as he explained them on television and radio.

So that’s when I started; I felt encouraged to listen from thereon. I would tune in to it from time to time, whenever I was available. It’s like I got hooked to it.


Later on, my wife was onboard as well. I didn’t invite them [his family] or what. I just set the radio on as he preached the Bible.

[At first] they were able to listen only by chance, like whenever they would pass by. But it wasn’t yet in their hearts.

Perhaps, there are verses that are meant for us, wherein your heart will be touched or you’ll say, “Ouch.” It’s when you’ll see, through Bro. Eli’s reading of the Bible that [others’ teachings] are really just sayings of men, baseless, untrue.


Until the time came for me, perhaps the Lord has also made me understand already, that the truth is indeed the word of God, nothing else.

I also learned how to stick to [what is written]. You must not add nor take away anything from it. The Bible, as it turns out, according to Isa. 34:16, is already complete and doesn’t need any other reference.

We used to see our brother as someone weird, but then, we became united in opinions eventually. During our Bible Study, we would unite in what is right, like what the Bible says: You have one Spirit, one song, one Lord, one God, one Church, one teaching.

If only pastors would base their teachings, and would not add nor take away anything from what is written, but would all be based in the Bible, perhaps we will not be in strife.

Sis. Estrellita: They are really God’s words. It’s like our hearts were the target, and it went right into it.

Bro. Romeo: I didn’t force you, didn’t I?

Sis. Estrellita: No. I just said, “I want to come with you. I want to listen personally.” I told him that on TV and radio, it’s like he’s jumping from one topic to another because he is answering whatever it is that people asked him.

But when we started with [the indoctrination], I said, “Please take me with you.” So I went with him. That’s when I understood that what Bro. Eli says is so beautiful. It’s like a step-by-step teaching.

Bro. Romeo: The biggest question we had regarding religion, the Bible answered. We have no doubts now. They were all answered by the holy words of God.

On Being Baptized

Bro. Romeo: It felt so good. In other words, I felt fulfilled.

Sis Estrellita: Yes, it was amazing! I said, “What is this? It’s really different.” It felt like I was walking on air after getting out of the water. I said, “What a wonderful feeling.” [Giggles]

Before [immersion], I was feeling a number of things,s my stomach even ached. I told him that perhaps I might go to the restroom. After I got immersed in the water, it became okay. I said, “Wow, this is okay!”

Bro. Romeo: That’s what I heard from Bro. Eli. Whenever he was attending, despite not feeling well, he said that right after baptism or any Church gathering, the sickness goes away; you feel lighter. Though it may not be totally gone, you feel like it’s lessened.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Sis. Estrellita: Bro. Eli, keep on doing the things that you do now. We pray for you, that your life will be longer, because you are able to help many people and their minds are enlightened by the word of God.

The same goes for Bro. Daniel. He is very well; both of them are. So, many, many thanks to them, because at the least, our minds were enlightened unto the Lord through them.

Bro. Romeo: I share the same sentiments for Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel. What is said in Daniel Chapter 12, that in the last days, the wise shall understand the word of God, but the wicked shall not.

You are but wise men, Bro. Eli, foremostly, compared to all the pastors that before persecuted him and told that [the Church] is a cult.

But the way I see it now, as Bro. Eli said, “If we are Christians, we should be different from them from the inside, out. That’s what I saw now.

That’s why, sometimes, they laugh at us because we’re not luxurious. We don’t follow the course of the world, which is in the Bible: That we should not conform but be transformed according to the will of God that Bro. Eli teaches. Many thanks to you.

Long live, and may he give you many more believers whose lives you will touch. The same with you Bro. Daniel Razon, many, many thanks. To God be the Glory.

To God be the glory

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