June 22, 2014


Newly Baptized Testimonials: May 23, 2014

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on May 23, 2014 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Sis. Kathleen Dizon, 17, Former KNC, NCR

On Being Baptized
I felt happy after being baptized, like I was new. I am overjoyed. It felt like I was a newborn again.

My mom has been bringing me to Church services since I was a baby, so I grew up to be a member of the Kawan ng Cordero [KNC]. That’s how I got to listen to Bro. Eli, and the teachings are all true.

I didn’t even listen to other religions. My mom has been a member here for sixteen years now, and I knew that the doctrines here are correct.

I decided to have the baptism when one day, there was a voice inside me that urged me to get baptized saying “What are you waiting for? Attend the indoctrination, don’t hold it up.” So I did.

On MCGI Leaders
I hope I can see Bro. Eli in person. Although I have already seen him before, but I want to see him again and shake his hands.


Sis. Angelica Asuncion, 18, Former Catholic, Rizal Province

On Being Baptized
I’m happy. Before I was immersed in water, I wasn’t feeling well. I felt nauseous.

When we were traveling, I couldn’t sleep and I was hungry, plus it was searing hot. But right after I got out of the pool, all the pains and all the untoward feelings inside me seemed to vanish.

I can relate to the things Bro. Eli told us [during the indoctrination]. Everything he said is true. He gives circumstances in life [as examples] and explains [the doctrines] in a way that is easily understood.

I started listening to Bro. Eli when I was 10 years old, on UNTV. When I started secondary school, my godfather, who is a member, invited me to join the Church.

It’s a pleasure listening to God’s words. I was a Catholic and their beliefs are very much different from the teachings here. At first, I was uncomfortable since it was all new to me, especially when Bro. Eli talks about idols. After a while, I realized that everything he said is right.

On MCGI Leaders
I wish Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel good health. I also hope they can help more people, most especially the souls of those who are listening to them. I hope that people’s hearts and minds will soon open to the truth in the Bible, and [turn back] to God too.


Sis. Janine Samonte, 21, Former Catholic, Rizal Province

On Being Baptized
What I can say now that I got baptized is that I was washed from my sins. My being felt light; the burden I feel inside is all gone.

Before I got baptized, I always cried because of my sins. I remembered the wrong things I did in my life; I was asking for forgiveness.

But right after I was immersed and I got out of the water, I felt extremely grateful to God because the heaviness I was feeling inside ceased. Everything that was weighing me down was washed away.

My husband is a member of the Church for two years now, and he started listening in 2011. I listened with him. He discovered the Church by watching UNTV.

He had this fear; he was always left at home while I was out for work. He got to watch UNTV almost daily, and he heard commandments about idols. We were Catholics. After listening to that teaching, we were both enlightened.

The doctrines are all true. They are also based from the Bible, even the things that are happening to us. The prophecies in the Bible are coming true, so I know that the doctrines are correct.

It was a voluntary act on my part to get baptized. I didn’t tell my husband that I am attending the indoctrination. He was just a little curious why I always leave at night. When I’m almost done with the sessions, I told him that that’s where I was going.

On MCGI Leaders
To Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel, I hope they continuously lead souls inside the Church. I pray that they can spread God’s words all over the world, the doctrines according to the Bible.


Sis. Cerlina Camarines, 68, Former Catholic, Manila

On Being Baptized
Marvelous. My being felt light.

Before I was submerged into the water, my feet were aching because I have arthritis. When I was lifted out of the water, it felt like it was gone. My other foot was also hurting when I was inside the chapel, but now it was relieved.

I got to listen to Bro. Eli through television. It was a long time ago, and I was watching using my child’s TV. Whenever he turns it on, I watch with him. I’m only here during vacation, but each time I’m here I watch Bro. Eli. I think it was about three years ago.

On MCGI Leaders
I am grateful because I am now a member. The doctrines here are true so I know this is the true Church, compared to the Catholic religion.


Sis. Myra Rivero, 42, Former Catholic, Manila

On Being Baptized
I am happy because I will be serving God wholeheartedly.

When I was being submerged into the water, I really felt like crying. When we were rehearsing the song of praise for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, I wanted to cry.

There was also something peculiar that happened right before I was immersed in water. Before getting into the pool, my back was aching so bad, but it was relieved afterwards.

I got the chance to listen to Bro. Eli through my former co-worker and I was introduced to the Church. Then I watched Bro. Eli through UNTV last October.

When I was listening to the doctrines, I had doubts at first. I was checking and reading the Bible. In the Catholic church, there is a different touch of faithfulness, but serving God is different here.

On MCGI Leaders
I hope Bro. Eli will continue serving God and I also hope he won’t get tired of helping others.


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