December 24, 2015


Newly Baptized Testimonials: November 20, 2015

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on November 20, 2015 at the Ang Dating Daan Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Sis. Eulanie Jean Rovillos, 20, Former Catholic, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

I saw the true teachings. They give the right teachings to us. There is nothing wrong with the teachings.

I was actually just surfing the television channels one day and I found his [Bro. Eliseo] program.

I was encouraged to join by his doctrines that he teaches. You cannot hear those in other religions.

On Being Baptized

Though it was cold, I felt so happy. I felt that my sins have been cleansed.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

May they always be safe. I hope that the words of God be propagated more in the whole world that other people may know what we have learned.


Bro. Joel Pastoral, 42, Former Catholic, Bulacan Province

On Joining the Church of God

I have long been listening to Bro. Eli, since about 2001 if my memory serves me right.

The doctrines are right. They don’t lack anything nor there is anything added. Just right.

On Being Baptized

I feel okay. I feel I know all truth.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I’m thankful because I’ve long been longing to join. Time came when I got assigned in Batangas. I searched for the locale there. But since it was far from where I worked, I decided to be baptized here.


Sis. Andrea Santos, 17, Former Born Again Member, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

My father is an avid watcher of Bro. Eli’s program, The Old Path on television. As time went by, I got curious as well.

The first time I saw and watched Bro. Eli sharing the words of God, I said, “Wow!” I even thought, “Is he still human?”

He’s so amazing; he knows so much about the Bible. When we were in the Born Again, I knew many famed pastors and leaders, but none of them knows what Bro. Eli knows.

They don’t have that intensity of understanding of the Bible, so I’m really so amazed by Bro. Eli.

When we attended the Mass Indoctrination, I learned a lot. Summing it up in one word: eye-opening.

On Being Baptized

It feels light inside. It’s my first time to be baptized, because when I was in the Born Again, they didn’t let me. And I’m glad that this is my first time, because it’s really legitimate.

This is also my gift to myself before I turn 18. It’s God’s calling to me.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

First of all, they’re really good. I’m amazed by them because of their works. They don’t tire. They’re really a blessing to us.

I’m glad that there are people like them who have such a great amount of love for God. Without limits, without boundaries, they share God’s words. I’ll always keep them in my prayers.


Bro. Arnel Villanueva, 45, Former Catholic, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

It was my wife who really liked watching the program on television. She has been listening for about seven years now.

As she listened nightly, I was also able to hear the preaching as well.

Actually, I wasn’t interested at first as I was Catholic. But when I finally listened to it, I found that the teachings were right.

– – – – –

Then, my wife decided on it: She asked me when I would join so that we would go at the same time.

I was hesitant to join at the onset. Until after seven years, I decided. [Laughs]

We searched for the locale in Makati, but we didn’t find it there so we went straight to Shaw Blvd. Actually, it was more convenient for us to be there. And now, we’re here.

We are really thankful to God. I’m thankful for my wife as well for inviting me here.

On Being Baptized

It feels so light inside, like all of my problems are gone. It’s an inexplicable feeling.

I am hopeful that we will be able to endure until the end. Actually, I want to bring my children here now as well.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Of course, we know the kind of help they extend to our fellowmen. I hope that many more souls will be saved, not only here in the Philippines but in other nations as well.

To God be the glory

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