November 27, 2013


Newly Baptized Testimonials: October 25, 2013

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on October 25, 2013 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Sis. Diane Quilala, 18, Former Catholic, NCR

On Being Baptized
I feel light inside, because I know that [my boyfriend and I] are members now in the true Church of God. I’m thankful that at my young age I became a member. This will help me as I live each day of my life.

As was mentioned, we’re blessed because we already have God’s guidance. It’s also a good start. Since we’re newly baptized, our lives will be more meaningful.

My boyfriend first brought me here in Apalit. Of course, I observed things at first as I had a different religion then. But eventually I liked the [members’] way of things. I said, “That’s right. It’s really great. It’s true. There’s righteousness in what’s being said.”

On MCGI Leaders
I’m very, very thankful that we have preachers like them who are really true and whose hearts are really in faith, that they may lead us to what’s good, to the right path.


Sis. Luisa Esporlas, 50, Former Born Again, NCR

On Being Baptized
I feel special because I was supposed to be in the Mass Baptism, but I wasn’t able to join them. Now I feel special and I’m happy.

Since 1990 to 2012, I was in the Born Again; although, I listened more to Bro. Eli Soriano on UNTV. He debated with Baptists about salvation. My husband and I watched Bro. Eli.

Sadly though, I was baptized in a Born Again group. I don’t remember my baptism there, what was it, or how was it; it’s like it was just nothing. I’m thankful because it’s in my baptism here that I really felt repentance in my heart.

Then, I was excited to be cleansed. I told my husband that when I closed my eyes when we were praying, I saw dark smoke. Then when I was immersed in the water, I saw blood; it was all blood.

On MCGI Leaders
Thank You, Lord, and thank you Bro. Eli. Like a flock who escaped and scattered, [we have been gathered]. I thank also my husband.

I was a lay evangelist in my previous Church, and my burden now is, God willing, to go back to the people I lead there one-by-one to bring them here. He [Bro. Eliseo Soriano] was the one I was waiting for; I didn’t know of him early on.

The number of people I lead [to my former religion] are more than the fingers in my hands. They’re my burden now. That’s why Bro. Eli, I love you. Thank you.


Bro. Rey Martinez, 35, Former Catholic, Mindoro Province

On Being Baptized
First of all, I really thank God because this has been long my dream: To be baptized, to lead a new life, to repent of the sins I’ve committed. This is really one of my most cherished dreams that finally came true. Thanks be to God!

One time one night, I was able to listen to [Bro. Eli Soriano’s program] on radio. I accidentally changed the channel to DZRH; that was about a year ago. Since then, I always listened to him.

I checked if what he was teaching is right. As I listened, I got my Bible to see whether the teachings that he reads are there, and all of them I have proven to be so. That became a way for me to baptized and listen here in the Church of God.

On MCGI Leaders
Firstly, I thank Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel. I’m one of those who want to be saved. I hope many more will be saved, many like me who want to repent and become a member of the true Church of God. I hope that their preaching will extend the more to different places in different countries.


Bro. Mark Jefferson Guerrero, 23, Former Born Again, Laguna Province

On Being Baptized
I thank God because it’s the grace of the Lord to call me, and I hearkened to it. I’ve had a lot of experience, and it’s hard to explain. I’ve long been listening to the teachings, but it’s only now that I grabbed this opportunity because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

I’ve been listening since I was in high school, but I was being held back by [wrong notions]. I thought that it was all about debates. But as I kept listening, I saw that the teaching was nice, nothing lacking and nothing being added; it’s just complete.

On MCGI Leaders
First of all, I thank God. I also thank them because they became His instruments. May God continue to guide them and give them good health, especially to Bro. Eli. May they continue [their works] and thanks be to God.


Bro. Reynaldo Villa, Former Born Again, Manila

On Being Baptized
I’m happy. Before when I was in the Born Again, I thought that you just had to believe, and that’s that already. I felt nervous, and cried [during baptism], but now I’m happy because I became part of the true Church of God.

I’ve been listening to Bro. Eli since I was a kid, but I was very angry at him then because he criticized all. Before, I had a Bible but I didn’t read it. I was a drunkard, and even became a drug addict.

I then joined a Born Again group; that’s when my faith was somehow restored. However when I was a Born Again member, I always watched television and I watched many [religious shows]. I watched the Iglesia ni Cristo and Ang Dating Daan [The Old Path], but I always tuned in to The Old Path until I realized that everything being said is in the Bible. If I believe in God, then it means I also believe in the Bible.

When we came to the Locale of Shaw, that’s when I felt that I’m going to be in the Church of God. That’s when I left the Born Again group. I told them the truth, that I believe the teaching of Bro. Eli more, and they frowned upon me. But, it was good that I was true to myself.

Then, I also read the Bible. Apart from listening to Bro. Eli, I also read the Bible. I proved that it’s really true. That’s why I decided to be baptized.

On MCGI Leaders
Because of him, I learned how to pray. I always include in my prayers that his life may be lengthened, that how many years God gave to Moses, may He do the same as well to him.

Sometimes, I fear: What if he’s gone? The one to replace him must be like him. I trust that what He gave to Bro. Eli will also be given to Bro. Daniel Razon. That’s my prayer always, for our preachers to always be guided by God.

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