August 5, 2019


Omega DigiBible Now Available on Tablet

Users can now read the Bible on bigger screens by downloading the Omega DigiBible for iPad and Android tablets. The app’s tablet version has more ergonomic design and improved functionalities. Source: VSIONTEQ

Reading the Bible on smartphones can be convenient especially in today’s digital world. But for many people, especially the elderly and visually challenged, studying the Holy Scriptures on 5-inch or 6-inch mobile devices can be challenging.

Users can now download the Omega DigiBible on Android and iOS Tablets after its successful launch of its smartphone version last year. Source: VSIONTEQ

Now, tablet users can enjoy reading the Bible by downloading the Omega DigiBible app for Android and iOS Tablets. Vsionteq, the company that developed the Omega DigiBible, has recently announced the launch of the application’s tablet version. With the new Omega DigiBible App for iOS and Android tablets, Bible readers can now read the Holy Scriptures on bigger screens.

Packed with Great Features

During the launching of the Omega DigiBible’s phone version, Vsionteq founder Ulysses Villamin highlighted the many features unique to the app. 

Omega’s tablet version still has the features of its smartphone counterpart but in a more convenient setting. Because of a tablet’s bigger screen, a user can have easier navigation and experience a more extensive space for Bible reading.

Users can still enhance their Bible reading experience by bookmarking, commenting, or highlighting their favorite verses. They can also copy a verse and paste it on other applications. The app also allows users to share passages on various social media platforms. 

Apart from receiving the app’s Verse of the Day, users can still download multiple versions and translations free of charge from the Omega’s library. Parallel Reading and Reading Plan can also be enjoyed by tablet users. They can also key in their notes using the app’s Smart Notepad that has a more ergonomic design because of a larger keyboard.

People who are visually impaired can download the Audio Bible, which is currently available in English.

Bro. Eli Soriano’s Blog

Omega DigiBible readers can also access the blogs written by International Televangelist Bro. Eli Soriano.

Villamin said the main objective of including the blog is to let the people know Bro. Eli and his preachings. 

Bro. Eli, the Overall Servant of the Members Church of God International (MCGI), is known for his Bible-based preachings and straightforward revelations about different religions. His program, Ang Dating Daan, has translations in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Tok Pisin (Papua New Guinean), to name a few.

Hourly Prayer

Another unique feature of the Omega DigiBible is the Top of The Hour Prayer that allows users to participate in the prayer whichever time of the day they prefer.

“We believe that the Top of the Hour Prayer is a great feature of the Omega DigiBible because users can always talk or communicate with God on an hourly basis,” Villamin said. 

With the Omega DigiBible available for iOS and Android Tablets, people can now use a digital Bible that is convenient, feature-rich and user-friendly.

Readers can download the app for iOS and Android Tablets for free.

Written by: Anton Chua

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