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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I become a member of the Church of God?

    Learning the doctrines of the Church of God is the first step to become a member. A person goes through indoctrination, a series of sessions where the basic teachings and beliefs of the Christian faith are taught. The doctrines are based on the words and examples of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Bible.

    Once a person accepts the Church’s doctrines, he or she can then be baptized. A Church minister oversees the baptism ceremony.

  2. Can I have indoctrination that is flexible with my time?

    Yes. You may contact or visit a locale near you to have it set at your preferred time. Also, you may contact us so we can find you the nearest locale and have our brethren get in touch with you the soonest.

  3. Will I become a member when I attend indoctrination?

    Sadly, no. A person must finish learning the doctrines, accept the teachings, and be baptized before becoming a member. This is to make sure that those who will become members of the Church are aware of what is expected of them (1 Timothy 3:15).

    Becoming a member of the Church is a personal choice. While we invite all to learn the Lord’s doctrines, no person is forced to believe and accept them. Membership is voluntary and based on one’s free will.

  4. How can I go to an MCGI locale?

    We can help you locate an MCGI locale near you. Send us a message at m.me/MCGI.org and we will give you all necessary information so you can reach an MCGI locale in your area. We are also updating our Google Maps directory to make it easier for you to find us.

  5. Do you allow non-members to attend your Church Services?

    By all means! Anyone is welcome to attend with us. We have different services you can freely come to. Please go to our Church Services and Events page for gatherings and events you may find interesting to sit in.