August 8, 2020

Lalluh Adalla


MCGI Hosts Second Online Live Mass Indoctrination

The Members Church of God International (MCGI) has begun the second batch of online Live Mass Indoctrination through its YouTube channels, Ang Dating Daan and The Old Path, on August 3. Through this, MCGI Overall Servants Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon hope to reach more people wanting to learn God’s teachings in the Bible and become part of the Church.

It was on June 2020 that MCGI had its first-ever online Mass Indoctrination. Through its YouTube channels and other social media pages, the event was broadcasted and translated in some of the world’s major languages.

The online mass indoctrination enables people staying at their homes to listen to Bro. Eli’s discussion on the fundamental Christian doctrines written in the Bible without much hiderances and distractions.

Knowing the truth

In the Live Mass Indoctrination, the listeners are taught of the true teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, which are all being observed by the members of the Church of God International. It is a must that those who want to be members of the Church of God understand and accept all the doctrines of Christ. Complete attendance in the indoctrination sessions is also a requisite before they could accept the Holy Baptism.

The month-long indoctrination sessions cover discussions of different topics that teach people how to lead a life that is in accordance with the teachings of God and the Lord Jesus Christ — a kind of life that is expected of a real Christian. In his discussions, Bro. Eli, as always, never fails to cite verses from the Bible to prove his point.

With the help of God, the listeners will also be able to see the glaring differences between the biblical truths that Bro. Eli discusses and the erroneous teaching of false preachers as he cites the unbiblical doctrines of other religions who claim to be Christians. This way, the listeners are able to compare the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ being upheld in the Church of God.

Gospel propagation unhampered

Writing notes about the topic, whether by pen-and-paper or typing onto electronic gadgets, is a usual sight in MCGI gatherings. 

Apart from the online Mass Indoctrination, MCGI’s Overall Servants have spearheaded many other propagation efforts for mankind such as the Worldwide Bible Expositions and a weekly Worldwide Bible Study online.

The online Mass Indoctrination follows the format of these regular events; Bro. Eli will be discussing indoctrination topics from Monday through Thursday, and come Friday, he will answer questions coming from his listeners about the topics that were discussed, in real-time.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, MCGI has imposed safety measures to shield the congregation and the non-members from possible infection. Propagation efforts, as well as major and minor Church activities, are all conducted online.

The Live Mass Indoctrination is now ongoing and is streamed on all of the Church’s official social media platforms. For questions about indoctrination, please reach MCGI here.

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