Newly Baptized Testimonials: April 1, 2015

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on April 1, 2015 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Bro. Pablo Pineda, 43, Former Born Again, Pampanga Province

On Joining the Church of God

I watched Bro. Eli on UNTV. So I saw there that what Bro. Eli was saying about the Bible seemed to be true. That’s why I got indoctrinated because I really wanted to know the truth. And that’s where I proved that what Bro. Eli says is in accordance with the Scriptures.

Every night I watched his program. Actually, I’ve been [doing so] for the past ten years or so. Bro. Eli and I even met in 1996 or in 1997 in Pulong Bulo, Angeles City. He had [Bible Expositions] there. I went there twice.

Then, it stopped. When I got back in Northville, I turned on the television one time and it’s like what he said settled in my heart, then I continued [listening] until now.

Before, my boss had me rent a place in Dau, Mabalacat. When the owner of the house was already about to occupy it again, I transferred to Northville. That’s when I got to really listen to the word of Bro. Eli, [which is] the truth.

On Being Baptized

I was crying because I have committed many sins. So I needed to repent for those. And I did.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope that their preaching of the Holy Scriptures grows. And I hope, considering that Bro. Eli is already 69 years old, his life will be longer so he can continue spreading the word of God.


Sis. Epifania Boquirin, 80, Former Catholic, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

It’s here where I found peace in my being, because that’s what I’ve been searching for. And I found it here.

My child is already a member of Ang Dating Daan [the Church of God International]. My child always says, “Please listen.”

I’ve been [listening] for a long time now; every time my child brings me to [Church gatherings]. It’s been about four years now.

I was just investigating at first. But it was here that I found the peaceful life.

On Being Baptized

I was glad. I even cried [laughs, then starts to cry].

I felt strong. I had no problems. When I was at our house I had problems. But I feel okay now; I’m happy.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope that they will last longer that our other brethren outside [can be lead here as well]. I will also try to encourage my children [to join].

I hope that Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel will have longer lives, and that they may always be in good health.


Sis. Jessica Aquino, 16, Former Catholic, Bataan Province

On Joining the Church of God

When I was at my mother’s place, there were many religions that approached me. There were Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics.

But I got to be here [or] I found out about this religion through my father. And I really felt the teachings here. Everything is explained to you in detail so you will understand it very well.

Also, the way Bro. Eli [speaks] is what really convinced me to believe that he is a preacher who won’t milk money from you. He has no ill intention in religion, but to lead you unto what is good.

I was still in elementary when [my father] became a member. Then, papa would bring me to [Church gatherings]. I was able to attend in the KNC [Kawan ng Cordero or Flock of the Lamb].

On Being Baptized

I feel happy, and I even cried before. After I got out of the water, it’s like I couldn’t remember anything else. And it was like He had given me an opportunity [to lead] a new life.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

For Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel, I hope that they will continue leading us. Many, many thanks because I was able to hear sound doctrine.


Bro. Ronaldo Corong, 41, Former Catholic, Bataan Province

On Joining the Church of God

Because I saw in his [Bro. Eliseo Soriano] preaching the truth, in the words of God that he professes, that weren’t even taught to us in Catholicism. So when I was able to watch his debates…

A friend [introduced] this to me. Actually, I attended indoctrination before, but I didn’t finish it as I had cold feet back then.

But now, I saw it through till the end, because as Bro. Eli said, “No more dillydallying; no more delays.” I needed to approach Him.

The first time I got to listen was in 2002. So thanks be to God that I joined His [Church]. I found out the truth that there really is God, Who we have been forsaking. Thanks be to God.

On Being Baptized

It was different. When I was getting up out of the water [from a reclined position, being fully-immersed], I felt like I shot out of the water. Also, when I was walking, I felt [lightheaded], like I didn’t know where I was going.

All I know is that when I got to the stairs [of the pool], I called to Him and said in myself, “Thank You Father. I am now here with You. Please help me in whatever I may face.” That’s it. And with the help and mercy [of God], I’m here now.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

May he continue his preaching for the sake of making God known unto the whole world, the same with Bro. Daniel. They are good preachers; they are not liars. They don’t add [doctrines], just truth.


Bro. Lupito Barreda, 42, Former Catholic, Bataan Province

On Joining the Church of God

I was a former Catholic. When I worshipped in Catholicism, it was like I was searching for something that I must find. It’s like I wasn’t comfortable in that kind of situation.

Now, I sought for the truth, where I would side, where I would be content. One time, when I went to my brother’s house, he was about to attend the indoctrination. He brought me with him. He said, “If you’d like to, please come with me.” He’s already a member, but I wasn’t yet so he invited me, if I indulged him. I told him, “Sure. I’ll attend.”

Now when I attended, I heard the explanations of Bro. Eli, and somehow I knew in my heart that it was what I was looking for. Immediately, I was like at peace with the teachings he was preaching. So there. It came to the point that I have now been baptized here.

I already saw him before on TV, on radio; I got to listen when he was on DZBB even. However, I didn’t pay any attention to him before because I didn’t really know yet the path I was treading in my life.

Until the time came when I had a television and I would listen to him. Now, this is the way that I now know, which I knew through my brother that lead to my baptism here. He led me to good.

On Being Baptized

When I was baptized earlier, I felt the burden in my body was gone, like I felt lighter inside. Perhaps, this is the way for me to know our Lord Jesus Christ.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

For Bro. Daniel and Bro. Eli, all I can say is that I’m really thankful that I found the true way of the Lord. I knew God through his good explanations. The things that I should have learned, I learned from him.

To God be the glory