From Philippines to Colombia: MCGI Joins UNTV Life’s 11th Anniversary Celebration

The Members Church of God International (MCGI) took part in UNTV Life’s 11th year anniversary, embarking on multiple public service initiatives from across the Philippines to different parts of the world.

Members in Bataan, Iloilo, and Bulacan, to state a few, participated in cleanup drives in barangays, which also served as an anti-dengue activity by clearing out possible mosquito-breeding areas.

Video: More than 500 fruit-bearing tree seedlings planted in Nueva Ecija

In Nueva Ecija, members took part in planting 500 seedlings of fruit-bearing trees on a mountain in Brgy. Sto. Niño. The effort is part of MCGI and UNTV’s tree-planting advocacy to help fight climate change.

“I hope that there will be more agencies or groups like this that show concern for the environment,” said Brgy. Chairperson Romeo Mangaliman of Mulawin, Orani, Bataan about UNTV and MCGI’s efforts.

Video: 1,000 mangrove seedlings planted in Masbate

Meanwhile, about 1,000 mangrove seedlings were planted in Masbate City in Southern Philippines, where its residents rely mostly on fishing as their income source.

Mangroves serve as an abode and birthplace of fish. However, a series of floods and super-typhoons like Ruby and Yolanda have destroyed the mangrove ecosystem in the area, greatly affecting their livelihood.

From Community to Elderly Care, Locally and Globally

Over 200 residents of elderly care facilities in Bogota, Medellin, and Bucaramanga in Colombia received a warm visit, free meals and gifts from MCGI and UNTV volunteers.

Video: MCGI and UNTV Visit Over 200 Elderlies in Colombia

Carlos Julio Aguilar Alvarez, 74, is a two-year resident of Fundacion de Albeiro Vargas y Angel Custodio. He told the UNTV news team in Colombia that he seldom sees his loved ones, and thanked the channel for giving what elderlies like him need.

“On their 11th anniversary, they chose to help the elderly. This deed is something valuable,” said Albeiro Vargas, the foundation’s founder.

Video: Elders in Brazil Receive Entertainment, Gifts, Meals from UNTV and MCGI

“We thank God, and we are honored to help and to take part in this kind of endeavor that UNTV has started in the Philippines, and now, we have it here in Brazil too,” expressed Bro. Jander Ferreira Toledo, an MCGI member in Brazil.

Helping the Homeless and the Hungry

In the USA, MCGI and the broadcast network also helped at Habitat for Humanity in Maryland. The volunteers lent their hands in lifting and shelving the organization’s merchandize and construction materials, which the same uses to help build affordable and environment-friendly homes for the marginalized.

Video: Lending Helping Hands for Habitat for Humanity

“They’ve come together and done an amazing job as a team, and helped Habitat for Humanity, ReStore, make some more money to help more families,” said its manager, Heather Cummings.

“Happy 11th anniversary to UNTV!” she greeted.

Meanwhile in Texas, MCGI parents and children spent their family day to help out at the Houston Food Bank by boxing food items for shipment to hunger-relief charities.

Video: Volunteering at Houston Food Bank

The collective effort of the MCGI and UNTV volunteers resulted to a total of 900 boxes.

Volunteer manager Jim Day said of the effort, “I’d like to thank Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel for mobilizing volunteers here to us today at the Houston Food Bank.”

Known as the Philippines Public service Channel, UNTV Life offers a variety of services including a free clinic and pharmacy (Clinic ni Kuya); and free land, sea, and air rides (Libreng Sakay).

A member of the Church of God International hands out free meals at an elderly care facility in Singapore. MCGI visited SilverAce Ntuc Eldercare as part of UNTV's 11th anniversary celebration. (Photo courtesy of Photoville International)
A member of the Church of God International hands out free meals at an elderly care facility in Singapore. MCGI visited SilverAce Ntuc Eldercare as part of UNTV’s 11th anniversary celebration. (Photo courtesy of Photoville International)

UNTV, now UNTV Life, started in 2004 under the helm of veteran broadcast journalist Daniel Razon. Razon is Assistant to the Overall Servant of MCGI, Bro. Eli Soriano.

Through the leadership of the MCGI Overall Servants, the religious organization has been supporting the network’s various good works throughout the years.

(Written by Rigor Arellano)

MCGI’s Blood Donation Drive Donors Reach 1,614 for Third Quarter

MCGI's quarterly Mass Blood Donation drive in September 2013 yields over 1,600 bags of blood in their effort to do good to their fellowmen as mentioned in Galatians 6:10.
A paramount adage in MCGI, “Ang paggawa ng mabuti ay hindi magbubunga ng masama (Doing good will yield no evil)” embodies the Church’s reason for its relentless public charity programs such as the nationwide blood drive. (Photography by Eldon Jose Bite, PVI)

For the third quarter, 1,614 were deemed viable donors out of the 1,900 registrants for the Members Church of God International’s blood donation drive held in 50 remote points across the Philippines on September 15 this year.

Ang Dating Daan Foundation International, the MCGI’s philanthropic arm, mounts this life-saving campaign on a quarterly basis. In this regular endeavor, key partners include the Philippine Red Cross and Philippine Blood Center.

MCGI’s mass blood campaign is a public service work duly-recognized by health organizations for more than two decades. It is also being sustained in different major cities and locations abroad, like New York, Canada and Singapore, to name a few.

“Just the thought of being an instrument in saving lives is enough to give me an unspeakable sense of fulfillment,” shares Geraldine Pajal, a 26, one of the blood donors from Quezon City in Metro Manila.

One of the key health advantages of donating blood includes lower risk of acquiring heart diseases for the donors. But beyond the physical benefits, blood drive participants are motivated by the opportunity to do good, a virtue frequently emphasized by Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon, Presiding and Vice-Presiding Ministers to MCGI, respectively.

Other MCGI-organized humanitarian services in the Philippines and other countries include its regular medical-and-dental missions, free legal consultations, free transport rides, and more of the likes. The free education program is conducted through the La Verdad Christian School and mobile school projects, among others.

(Words by Emmy Borromeo)

Citizen Group Thanks MCGI Servants For Macabebe Medical Mission

A representative of IMPACT, a citizen group in Macabebe, Bulacan, Philippines visited MCGI during a Bible Expo for the Church's immediate medical mission and aide at a time of calamity.
A representative of IMPACT, a citizen group in Macabebe, Bulacan, Philippines visited MCGI during a Bible Expo for the Church’s immediate help at a time of calamity.

A private group of concerned citizens expressed gratitude to the ADD Foundation, the official charity institution of the Members Church of God International, for the medical mission it mounted in a barangay in Macabebe, Pampanga last month this year.

Lito Baluyot, a representative volunteer of the Intrepid Movement of People Against Crime and Terrorism (IMPACT), visited the ADD Convention Center to thank Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon during the Bible Exposition last July 27, 2012.

“Thank you very, very much to your Foundation. Through you, many residents from our barangay were assisted. We hope this won’t be the first and last time that you will help us,” said Mr. Baluyot, a resident of the town of Macabebe, in the Pampanga province, Philippines. In the July 22 medical mission by MCGI in Mr. Baluyot’s barangay, there were up to 1,517 Macabebe residents, including townsfolk from adjacent places who were rendered assistance.

For his part, Bro. Eli also offered to provide assistance to IMPACT whose personnel according to Mr. Baluyot neither receive allowance nor compensation because of their volunteer status. “We can help [you] in different ways like with your uniform or your fare allowance God willing,” the Overall Servant to the MCGI continued.

IMPACT is a private organization that aims to unite Filipinos to stand against crime and other matters deemed offensive to the law. The non-profit group aims to revive “bayanihan,” which is one of the trademark Filipino values that promote unity and the concerted effort among neighbors.

Bro. Daniel, on the other hand, affirmed what the International Evangelist said, indicating that the MCGI group “have medical missions everyday and clinics which are open daily for you.” Bro. Daniel suggested to Mr. Baluyot that a meeting with IMPACT may be held soon to thresh out more public service works they can do together.

As the charity and public service arm of the MCGI, the ADD Foundation Incorporated provides medical, dental, legal and other forms of assistance to the public, especially to the marginalized members of society.

(Written by: Apple Arco)

UNTV Names MCGI Outstanding Public Service Partner

Together with UNTV, MCGI  conducts  free medical missions, give free public transportation and meals and other public services to Filipinos, especially the poor, on a daily basis.

Philippine media station UNTV recognized Members Church of God International (MCGI) as an outstanding public service partner during its sixth year anniversary celebration dubbed “UNTV: The Pillar of Public Service.” The celebration featured many free offers which included medical, legal, educational, informational, and other worthwhile social services especially for the underprivileged citizens.

In his message via web conferencing, Bro. Eli Soriano acknowledged in return UNTV as MCGI’s prime partner in truthful journalism, public service, and evangelization. Bro. Eli encouraged the station’s staff to remain humble and to remember that their ability to work and serve is not of their own making, but the work of God. He also advised them to be in a grateful attitude and say “Salamat sa Dios” (Thanks be to God) whenever they are given the opportunity to do good.

Bro. Eli, the Presiding Minister of MCGI, also bid the continuous support of the station’s owners, Mr. Hilarion Henares and his son Mr. Atom Henares whom he thanked for their gracious lending and entrusting of their station to the care and management of Bro. Daniel Razon, allowing it to be an instrument in propagating the Gospel.  Bro. Eli is optimistic that UNTV will perpetuate good service to all, not only for a particular group, but to everyone as “true good serves many, and that true service is not done in hypocrisy.”

Vice Presiding Minister Bro. Daniel Razon who is also chief trustee for UNTV management spearheaded the occasion. In the event, he launched what is to become a first in the broadcasting industry with field correspondents and reporters helping victims of accidents, calamities, and other untoward incidents before delivering the news (Tulong Muna Bago Balita or Rescue First Before News). This journalistic innovation was inspired by the biblical principle he learned from Presiding Minister Bro. Eli Soriano – “No good deed shall bear evil fruit.”

Bro. Daniel Razon expressed appreciation for all the individuals and organizations who volunteered and freely offered their help and expertise to serve the greater welfare of the public.  Bro. Daniel referred to those who cannot afford basic services, not only during the anniversary celebration, but also during the daily public service efforts through his morning program at UNTV. He also congratulated the Members Church of God International congregation who have always been supportive to many of his public service endeavors.

A number of social service projects were launched prior the anniversary day. The biggest so far since the Transient Home is the Free College Project through La Verdad Christian College. Its Caloocan branch, which now accommodates a carefully selected batch of scholars, was inaugurated in mid-June. This project is the result of the joint undertaking among Kamanggagawa Foundation, UNTV  management and MCGI which share the same humanitarian vision and passion for charitable service.

MCGI and UNTV have been collaborating since the latter started its pilot broadcast in 2004. To date, the union of their efforts and the advocacy of one of its chief sponsors, Bro. Eli Soriano, have yielded major social welfare services which are now gaining not only the confidence of its loyal patrons but also of private companies, non-government organizations, and even government agencies. The recognition is due to their unabated and sincere service to people. Free transport services, free legal and medical consultation, free transient home service, and free college are among the major social and charity works which have resulted in the joint effort of the two organizations.

(Written by: Cecile Vizcaya)