#OurGODWeThankYouFor Trends Worldwide As MCGI Holds 3-Day ITG for the 4th Quarter

The #OurGodWeThankYouFor hashtag, launched by the Members Church of God International (MCGI) on Twitter, appeared on worldwide trends status that began on Wednesday night (December 24 in the Philippines). The campaign, which earned No. 5 in the Worldwide Trends, aimed to encourage congregants to share their testimony of thanksgiving using social media.


Since Thursday afternoon (December 25), it continued to trend with over 2,000 users tweeting and retweeting the hashtag while earning more than 16,000 tweets using it as of this writing. In the Philippine Trends, #OurGodWeThankYouFor landed in the second spot since Wednesday evening.

Observers note how social media has transformed the way Church members express their anticipation and excitement to the upcoming International Thanksgiving to God (ITG), held from December 26 to 28 this year.

Bro. Eliseo F. Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon, MCGI Overall Servants, respectively, spearheaded the three-day occasion.

The Ang Dating Daan Convention Center in Pampanga served as the main gathering point for the brethren in the Northern and Southern Luzon, Philippines. Some Church members from neighboring countries flew home to join the event live in its hosting place.

Meanwhile, major MCGI locales and coordinating centers also geared up across the country to accommodate brethren who cannot physically assemble at the Convention Center. Key locations also served as gathering points abroad like major coordinating centers in Tokyo, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro, to name a few.


A few weeks ago, MCGI launched a separate campaign, the countdown for the upcoming ITG which highlighted brethren from around the world who shared their reasons and preparations for the coming celebration. The hashtags for this campaign were #HappyPNK and #HappyITG.

(Written by: Yanna Faye Ferrera)


MCGI Servants are Finalists in Shorty’s TV & Journalist Categories

The international evangelist makes use of Twitter to reach to his followers on social media and answer their queries of faith.

Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon are both finalists for the 3rd Annual Shorty Awards for 2011. Bro. Eli made it to third place for television while Bro. Daniel earned the sixth spot for journalist. The announcement was made last February 15, this year.

The Overall Servants to Members Church of God International have been on Twitter for almost two years. Their combined followers now stand at 32, 122, increasing regularly.

The eliminations were held for more than a month, which started January 3 this year. Nominations lasted until February 11 for all 30 official categories.

Nominations were cast through the official Shorty Awards website. Voters were asked to complete a statement telling their most compelling reason for endorsing the Twitter account of their favorite nominee – in exactly or less than 119 characters (The character counter showed only 54 characters to be typed in a tweet box, since the first 65 were allotted to a template).

In an interview with Shorty Awards, Bro. Eli Soriano revealed how he makes his tweets unique and worth following – by “basing my tweets in logic and common sense with the guidance of the Word of God,” he answered.

He also hoped that someday in Twitter “truth in dissemination of information” will start trending, and that people will use it more often “to find avenues of understanding and connections for a swift delivery of messages beneficial to everyone.”

In the same interview, Bro. Eli said he refuses to shorten words and phrases that refer to God and His name, even famous quotes from respected historical personages.

For him, Twitterific on his iPhone is his favorite Twitter application.

Finally, he advised Twitter newbies to “be as truthful and humane in using Twitter, as almost all venues of human communications are corrupted by lies and deceit.”

Meanwhile, Bro. Daniel Razon in the Shorty Awards interview urged people to check out and follow his account through a verse: “Try to follow me and there you will see, how I compose my tweets and how unique [they] can be.”

As a broadcast journalist by profession, Bro. Daniel uses Twitter to share wisdom, information, knowledge, issues, news, and views. The preacher also answered in the same interview that he is actually not inclined to shorten any word of his tweets, and he maximizes the characters allotted for each.

Furthermore, when he tweets, Bro. Daniel thinks of connecting with the people who look at his tweets in the right perspective. As a public servant by heart, Bro. Daniel imparts not only “a mind that thinks” but also “a heart that cares and a spirit that says there is much to share.”

He advised Twitter newcomers to “make use of the space worth following, as each tweet we make reveals the kind of character we have.”

The Shorty Awards is deemed as the “Oscars of Twitter”, and gives due recognition to people and organizations who produce the best short and real-time content on Twitter and social media.

The Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts and Sciences will determine from among the finalists who will crop awards. The awarding ceremonies will be held at the Times Center in New York City on March 28.

(Written by: Cecile Vizcaya)

Bro. Eli Bids Prayers for Chile

One of the tweets @BroEliSoriano posted after an earthquake claimed many lives in Chile in February 2010.
After an earthquake claimed many lives in Chile in Feburary of 2012, Bro. Eliseo Soriano’s tweets on his official handle @BroEliSoriano.

“A prayer for people is more than money can buy!”

Direct from his Twitter page, Bro. Eli Soriano tweets a message to his online visitors to pray for the victims of an earthquake that hit Chile Saturday, February 27.

He begins his call with a “Let’s all pray for the people of Chile!”, seven hours after the quake hit the country situated at the southern coast of Latin America. At the same time, he tweeted “May they find solace in believing that nature teaches us of a power that be”, to console and lift the Chileans’ spirits up.

Reports gathered from The Los Angeles Times says Chile was struck on Saturday by an 8.8 magnitude quake that killed more than 300 people and destroyed many infrastructures in Santiago, its capital city. The earthquake momentarily immobilized the big mining companies situated near the epicenter of the tremor. Collapsed bridges lobbed and squashed cars and trucks causing relief operations to damaged areas more difficult. An estimated 500,000 homes were badly shattered and more than a million people were affected. The numbers are expected to increase as more people are hauled from the rubble. Aftershocks are seen to follow and may cause further damage to properties [See Maps of the Chile Earthquake from the NYTimes.com here]. Following this Central Chile was declared a “state of catastrophe”.

More powerful than the one that devastated Haiti in January, Chile’s quake reached as far as Brazil and triggered a tsunami in Japan and Hawaii, with columns of water still rushing halfway around the world. Though little damage was reported in these areas, officials sent warnings that a bigger surge of water could follow and that other nations around the Pacific must prepare.

In the Philippines, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology alerted residents of possible water surge and asked those living near the coasts to keep distance from the shoreline. Besides Hawaii and Japan, the Philippines was also struck by a tsunami when the magnitude-9.5 quake hit the same area of Chile in 1960.

(Written by: Hazel Chavez-David)

Tweet Bro. Eli, the Bible Will Answer

Bro. Eli Soriano's official twitter account

Mashable.com’s Most Educational to Follow Bro. Eliseo Soriano can now be “tweeted” for biblical answers to queries of faith and spirituality via Twitter.

People usually ask Bro. Eli personally in his Bible Expositions, which happen twice a week on the average worldwide via the Internet. Now, they simply have to log in to Twitter, follow @BroEliSoriano and type away their questions for the host of the longest running religious program in the Philippines, the Ang Dating Daan or The Old Path, to answer.

He announced the news to the members of the Church of God International who attended the A Song of Praise Music Festival, an international song-writing competition for members, held last December 29, 2009 (PHT) at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga. To date, Bro. Eli has more than 3,800 followers since it opened just two weeks ago.

The MCGI Presiding Minister launched his Twitter account following his Open Web Award win last December 16, 2009 in hopes of reaching out to as many people as possible via the Internet — a move also taken by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, CEO’s like Eric Schmidt, and President Barack Obama.

“You can sing from the heart and from the mind (1 Cor. 14:15),” was one of the first tweets Bro. Eli posted via Twitteriffic, a mobile application that lets Twitter users send and receive tweets straight from their iPhones — another gift of technology that Bro. Eli takes advantage of in spreading the Good News to all.

(Written by: Jay Arellano)