April 11, 2021

Glaicee Joy Paner


MCGI’s The Legacy Continues Rekindles Faith of Netizens

“Noon pa lang I really admired MCGI for their free medical mission, free school, libreng sakay sa bus na literal for free. Now nakaisip na naman sila kung papaanong tumulong sa kapwa lalo na mas needed to ngayong pandemic. Sana lahat ng relihiyon pati gobyerno ganito ang proyekto.  (Even before, I already admire MCGI for their free medical mission, free school, and free bus ride. Now, they have initiated another way of delivering the much needed help of our fellowmen, especially in this time of pandemic.  I hope all religions, even the government, have this kind of projects),” says a social media post by netizen, Akira Hayashi. 

While in another post by a netizen named Mheldyyy, she said, “Matagal na akong di naniniwala sa Dios pero noong nabalitaan ko na may ganito kayo parang may something sa puso ko tapos narealize ko na may mga tao pa palang genuine ang pagtulong (For a long time, I do not believe in God anymore. But when I heard about your event, I felt something in my heart. I realized that there are still people who genuinely help).”

These are only some of the social media posts from netizens after the week-long “The Legacy Continues” event of the Members Church of God International (MCGI) held on April 4-9, 2021. 

Heartfelt praises flooded on different social media platforms coming from different parts of the world for the said event, which was conducted by MCGI in commemoration of the life and works of Brother Eli Soriano, his date of birth, and the date of his baptism in the Church of God.  

Many expressed their admiration to the charitable activities lined-up under the The Legacy Continues event, acknowledging their impact in the lives of many people in these difficult times. 

Through the series of humanitarian initiatives conducted by MCGI, many people felt how loving and how compassionate God is, that, in the midst of the so many challenges and difficulties they are experiencing today, He is reaching out His hands to them.  And they are just too thankful for His loving-kindness. But more importantly, those who doubted God, at some points in their lives, began to believe that there is really a caring and merciful God.  Thus, through the acts of kindness done unto them, their faith in the Almighty God has been awakened and rekindled.

Pero hindi po dito nagtatapos ang ating paggawa. Dahil sa awa’t tulong ng Panginoon, atin pong ipagpapatuloy ang pag-abot sa ating mga kapwa tao, may pandemya man o wala. Gaya ng aral na itinawid sa atin ni Bro. Eli Soriano na gumawa ng mabuti sa lahat. With God’s help and mercy, Bro. Eli’s legacy of faith, hope, and most especially love, will continue through the good works of the Members Church of God International. (Our work does not end here.  With God’s mercy and help, we will continue to help our fellowmen, with or without a pandemic. Like what Brother Eli Soriano had taught us, the Bible is admonishing us to do good to everyone. With God’s help and mercy, Brother Eli’s legacy of faith, hope, and most especially love, will continue through the good works of the Members church of God International).”  This was Brother Daniel Razon’s pronouncement in one of the episodes of Serbisyong Bayanihan.


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